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Jan 2017
Jan 17 2017 00:01 UTC
build_flags = -DbrdName="Test" and in my main file #define brdName ?
Victor Tseng
Jan 17 2017 00:07 UTC
#define brdName "Test"
Jan 17 2017 00:29 UTC
No luck :-(
Jan 17 2017 00:37 UTC
After some digging for Windows SET PLATFORMIO_BUILD_FLAGS='-DWIFI_PASS="My password"' '-DWIFI_SSID="My ssid name"'
Victor Aprea
Jan 17 2017 00:49 UTC
hey all, how's it going?
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Jan 17 2017 09:08 UTC
@gmag11 thx for the heads up! i'm very interested in testing this in a few weeks. for what i've seen, i'd love to have xxtea encryption for packets routed through the mesh. (just in case you run out of ideas what to implement) ;-)
Jan 17 2017 19:02 UTC

I'm trying to work on u8g2 lib and get it to include the fonts in FLASH not RAM. I've actually got it to work:
but only issue is that if I include ICACHE_FLASH_ATTR in front of every function then it tries to link all of them which is 14MB, and I get ... does not fit into ... error, if i just put the fonts I'm used into FLASH then it works just fine. Is there a reason that unused functions/variables are not ignored here. Is it something to do with it being .c files and placed in

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

not really sure...

Me No Dev
Jan 17 2017 20:19 UTC
you might be better off putting them in header files. that way if not included, they will not even be build
Jan 17 2017 20:37 UTC
I've tried that, but i've not been able to define things in this way in header files
const uint8_t u8x8_font_5x7_f[1794] U8X8_FONT_SECTION("u8x8_font_5x7_f") = 
  " \377\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0^\0\0\0\0\0\0\16\0\16\0\0\0\0(|(|(\0"
  "\0\0\10T|T \0\0\0&\20\10d\0\0\0\0(T(@\0\0\0\0\0\0\16\0\0\0"
I get this.. and have done in the past when i've tried with static variables etc...
/Users/amelvin/Documents/Arduino/libraries/U8g2/src/clib/u8x8_fonts.h:1466:49: error: expected initializer before 'U8X8_FONT_SECTION'
 const uint8_t u8x8_font_pxplustandynewtv_u[515] U8X8_FONT_SECTION("u8x8_font_pxplustandynewtv_u") =
I've had to put them in a cpp file
ah but do you mean have each font in a separate include file... there are a lot of them!
Me No Dev
Jan 17 2017 20:39 UTC
and you include the file only once in the cpp
Jan 17 2017 20:41 UTC
ah.. i can put that to the lib writer... see what he thinks. but might not be up for that though. lot of changes
Germán Martín
Jan 17 2017 22:20 UTC
@everslick Mesh is already encrypted with WPA. Adding some kind of additional encryption is not my priority now, mainly because I would need more background about this subject. :smile: . Anyway, do you think encryption (besides WPA) is akey feature for this kind of mesh? Please share any use case you've thought about.
I agree that relaying nodes have access to clear text messages but they are somehow "friends".
Mehrdad K
Jan 17 2017 22:24 UTC
@gmag11 does this mesh lib, support secure connection(private network)
Germán Martín
Jan 17 2017 22:26 UTC
@mkeyno It is a completely independent network. It may use wireless encryption as usual.
We have some docs on repository. Maybe they help to understand how it works.
Mehrdad K
Jan 17 2017 22:32 UTC
Martin do you have plan to add more example with esp modules
Germán Martín
Jan 17 2017 22:38 UTC
There is a simple example on repository, that blinks led as many times as nodes are connected to the mesh. Feature I like more is that all nodes are time synchronized with 10 ms or better precission. You can run tasks on nodes synchronously.
I can imagine ws2812 led strips controlled by different esp8266 synced through wifi
Michael Miller
Jan 17 2017 23:46 UTC
@sticilface You could also wrap each of those in a wrapper class in the header. Then only if the class gets used does it compile in. See this class in this sample as an example where it gets used as a template feature.