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Jan 2017
Jan 21 2017 00:01 UTC
Oh templates seem quite powerful, but I wonder a more "everyday" use scenario for them.
Jan 21 2017 01:49 UTC
@brutzler Are you familiar with "Divide and Conquer" debugging? Find half the functionality you can easily disable in your sketch; see if the problem reproduces. If not, disable the other part and enable the part that could cause the issue. Continue until you find the problem.
OK, in past I did this without knowing the term. But this is not very practicable if the problem is appearing evrey few days....
Thought, there would be some better debugging possibility of the ESP. :-(
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Jan 21 2017 17:26 UTC
i always invest a lot of time and energy in my programming infrastructure. debugging, building, achitecture, ...
especially embedded systems can be a real pain to debug.
often a good logging mechanism is the only hope you have
keeping the firmware modular allows you to switch off different parts
i have seen it too often. "but i just want to make this led blink..." and sonner then you think the firmware grows into one big pile of clutter - impossible to grow or even maintain.