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Jan 2017
Victor Tseng
Jan 26 2017 08:16
yes you can
i think this is a misbehaviour
dunno how others think
Jan 26 2017 15:18
I have seen it somewhere mentioned but can't find it.
Is there a "Stream class" where the content is stored in memory ?
Jan 26 2017 17:16
@brutzler I am using the latest releases of the Arduino IDE 1.8.1 and the latest releases of ESP-Link, the alpha release , and the latest release of EL-Client all without issue. Version 2.3.0 of ESP-link is also stable. I am running Winddows 10 64 bit with Kaspersky Internet Security. No problems with any of the software.
Martin Sloup
Jan 26 2017 17:39
There is my PR with SoftwareSerial bug: plerup/espsoftwareserial#41