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Jan 2017
Martin Sloup
Jan 29 2017 04:20
@brutzler I wrote class to log to Syslog server.
Martin Sloup
Jan 29 2017 04:26
@brutzler There is also library to logging via build in Telnet server:
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Jan 29 2017 09:03
@brutzler the simplest is to send your debugs over UDP to a remote machine. its extremly simple, just a view lines of code.
on the remote machine you catch the logs with: netcat -l -u -k -p YOUR_PORT
Benedikt Eliasson
Jan 29 2017 22:14
Hello, I would like to try mbedtls with the Arduino framework, since we had heap issues with axtls and ssl. I tried to add it to the platform.txt, so that platformio links it, but it seems like, it still uses the old lib includes. (I added -lmbedtls to compiler.c.elf.libs) Do I need to do something additionally to tell platformio to link it? With pio run -v I see, that it is missing...