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Jan 2017
Jan 31 2017 20:30
Hi guys, can I ask a question around a sketch, I'm new, and trying to get the low level to report back off a PIR, and can't figure out how to do it.... It is a pro mini with a PIR, can I post the sketch?
Jan 31 2017 20:38
type ``` for the sketch
Norbert Arato
Jan 31 2017 20:39
is there a way I can add esp8266 board to the arduino web IDE?
Michael Miller
Jan 31 2017 22:13
@norbea That is not really a question for this group, but a question to aim at the Web IDE developers. The boards support is much more restricted than the normal download IDE; probably due to the requirement that they have run stuff on their server.
Norbert Arato
Jan 31 2017 22:57
Thanks @Makuna! Good point :)