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Mar 2017
Mar 04 2017 02:53
Does anyone know if it is possible to disable HSPI interrupts while SPIFFS is working?
I've tried putting everything in my HSPI interrupt in ram using ICACHE_RAM_ATTR, however I am still getting crashes when a HSPI interrupt comes in while SPIFFS is reading/writing flash. I also tried to wrap my calls to SPIFFS in InterruptLocks, but it still seems like there is a conflict (maybe some parts of SPIFFS are operating asynchronously?)
Akash Ashok
Mar 04 2017 03:20
thanks @martinayotte
Mar 04 2017 14:59
SD card library seems to be entirely broken, or is it just me?
Michael Miller
Mar 04 2017 17:41
@probonopd Do you have a simple sketch that demonstrates how its broken?
Me No Dev
Mar 04 2017 17:41
@probonopd I think we should move to fatfs and FS:: for SD. I have a driver running here, if someone wants to put the time to make the FS wrapper, let me know :)
large cards and whatnot is actually working