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Mar 2017
Michael Miller
Mar 11 2017 06:30 UTC
This is a community effort. While the primaries are busy and pulls are getting back logged a little, I think the bigger issue is that there are not enough contributors to provide fixes.
Me No Dev
Mar 11 2017 06:39 UTC
@larsenglund we have ideas :) but even they are a bit backlogged. I need to add some changes to Arduino IDE in order for it to properly support nightly packages, then you can get the git version which will have the most up-to-date code
that way you will not need to rely on waiting for 2.4.0
Lars Englund
Mar 11 2017 19:49 UTC
@me-no-dev nightlies would be nice!
A question, is it possible to decrease the bitrate on the esp8266 to increase range?
To make it connect to the router with 1mbps instead of 54 or whatever it uses..
Or are there any other tricks to increase range?
Mar 11 2017 22:15 UTC
@larsenglund The antenna might be a place to start, after all its only a PCB version. I have had excellent success with modifying USB keys to add external antenna. There are many articles on such tweaks e.g. I read one, I am sure its on Hackaday, where the investigation concentrated on the effective gain achieved. The writer indicated sometimes limited improvement. However in my instance I was able to locate and direct from USB dongle connected to a raspberry Pi. The article here does not cover the detail however has a picture of the 'Wifi downlink' into a metal room below the antenna... ..