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Mar 2017
Steve Nelson
Mar 29 2017 01:26
Oh gotcha. It seems to print out for me, at least I thought it did.
Lars Englund
Mar 29 2017 07:18
I would like to have a log-function on my esp8266 that allows me to print text and stuff using print/println/printf and allows me to redirect the output to either serial or a spiffs circular buffer (to view over a web-interface). I'm thinking the log method should store printouts to RAM (to allow printing in time critical contexts) and once every now and then in the main loop it dumps the RAM-buffer to serial or spiffs.. is there something like this out there?
Michael Miller
Mar 29 2017 07:44
An application event log. Mmmm. Interesting, yes.
Lars Englund
Mar 29 2017 11:51
Maybe it could also be interesting to log free RAM and some other stuff periodically and show as a graph on the web-ui besides the event log
Martin Sloup
Mar 29 2017 13:21
@larsenglund I have library for logging to Syslog server (, but it isn't usable for time critical code logging.
I use it for logging headless gateway between MQTT and custom protocol at 433 Mhz.
Nikolas Beutler
Mar 29 2017 13:24
hey folks, someone able to help me out optimizing my code? i am pretty sure i can consolidate callback() and fauxmo.onmessage(). i think its pretty inefficient right now due to fauxmo.onmessage() sending a mqtt command topic to the broker and thats coming back to the callback() function to do the actual switch. thanks for any help!
Tejas H
Mar 29 2017 14:05
Hello, I am using EEPROM for obvious reasons. So, in actual code I don't use it more often, like, to read data lot or to write data. I use it for occasional events to store the status of those events incase of system reloads itself, those info get reloaded. My question is, since I am these EEPROM functions much is it better to add EEPROM.begin() wherever I need and end it with EEPROM.end() or it's good to begin it at the begining of the programme and never end it.. please state the reason too. I have many such things working around in my program. I don't know which way is efficient.
Since I am NOT using these EEPROM*
Steve Nelson
Mar 29 2017 15:31
Does anyone have an example .ino file with the new-ish wifi event handling. I thought I understood it, but I was wrong. I had the deprecated version working with the Wifi.onEvent(), but I can't find a working example of the non-deprecated version.