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Apr 2017
Apr 22 2017 07:00
Ok, thx. This means things like "server.on" I can only use on ESP8266WebServer.
Myles Eftos
Apr 22 2017 07:07
Apr 22 2017 07:12
But talking about an issue, I see, that as soon as I initialize a webserver with "server.on" and "server.begin", I have serious problems on using a DHT22. Get several times a reading error. Is there any known issue or workaround?
Myles Eftos
Apr 22 2017 07:19
Can you post the code?
Apr 22 2017 11:39
thx. problem solved. used a different dht-lib. :-)
Apr 22 2017 11:51

Another question: using ticker.h:
Is there a possibility to "synchronize" this ticker events to a real time?
e.g.: I want to send every 5 minutes a telegram to a server. For this I use

 Ticker tick_5min;
  tick_5min.attach(300, T_5min);
void T_5min() {
  enableSendData = true;

Just right now, it sends a telegram at 13:33/13:38/13:43 and so on. Depending on booting the ESP
Would be nice, if the ticker could be "synchronized" to send at 13:30/13:35/13:40.

Michael Miller
Apr 22 2017 17:57
@igrr Why is the github repository set so that I have to fork/branch the project into my repo before creating a pull request? Its annoying to have the extra steps to always keep my fork/branch up to date when all its used for is to submit changes to origin master. You already have a gate keeping that I can't merge the pull requests; so why is this needed?
Tejas H
Apr 22 2017 19:03
Exactly. Few days ago I had same exact thought.
Apr 22 2017 19:37
hi! I'm using the current git version. Is the HTTPUpload really correct set?
Log.printf("%d -> %d\n", upload.currentSize, upload.totalSize);
2048 -> 0
2048 -> 2048
2048 -> 4096
2048 -> 6144
2048 -> 8192
2048 -> 10240
2048 -> 12288
2048 -> 14336
2048 -> 16384
both values of uploads looks not correct
Martin Ayotte
Apr 22 2017 19:48
@Makuna , that is the way github always worked, this is because changes for the PR needs to be save somewhere, not locally on your you machine. Otherwise, where would you able to "push" those changes ? The only possible way to push directly from PC to master branch is to have administors/contributors rights.
Michael Miller
Apr 22 2017 20:33
@martinayotte The funny thing is, I can make the push directly to the origin from the PC; but only if I have my own fork. You can see it now, the pull is active. has no change,
esp8266/Arduino#3164 was directly aimed from my computer (note the source name).
Martin Ayotte
Apr 22 2017 21:03
@Makuna , Yes, you are the administrator of your own fork :smile: , and this fork becomes the storage so that PR reviewers can compare your branch with the master branch, and since PR means PullRequest, they can then pull the commits from your repository into the master. But Yes, it is funny that you didn't need to push on your own branch first and that you commit goes directly in some kind of closet owned by you, but not really related to your fork...
I didn't know that could be done that way, this make at least one small step skipped ...