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Apr 2017
Apr 27 2017 00:02
@CodingCreate101 Thank you for now, you helped me a lot.
@CodingCreate101 Epico lol....
Tejas H
Apr 27 2017 02:18
You are welcome. Happy coding.
@brutzler Thanks. Have a good time.
Apr 27 2017 19:44
@CodingCreate101 Dear friend, in this code that showed us, what would be the command to give send the IP that the NodeMcu got on the network and send by serial or tcp?
Martin Ayotte
Apr 27 2017 20:52
@rodrigocirilo , do you mean how to get LocalIP of the NodeMCU ? With function WiFi.localIP().toString();
Apr 27 2017 22:09
@martinayotte So I can use this:
Variable = wifi.localip (). Tostring (); And the local ip of the nodemcu will change to variable.
thank you so much