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May 2017
May 12 2017 10:55
Hello friends! Hello @igrr
Is there any roadmap when the esp8266/Arduino core will be updated to 2.4.0 version? In the upcoming release, shall we have the new, corrected version SPIFFS v 3.6 ?
Thanks in advance.
Mike Kranidis
That's the list of stuff to do for 2.4.0
All bugs which have appeared after 2.3.0 need to be fixed (at least)
is this the update of SPIFFS you have mentioned? esp8266/Arduino#2456
May 12 2017 11:05
@igrr Yes without been expert on this, I suppose that this is it.
Thanks Ivan for the very fast answer and for your invaluable contribution to esp8266 Arduino core.
Have a nice day!
May 12 2017 11:42
Hi there. I am using spi slave library and every time i get some spi data interrupts occur and i set a flag to true. Inside loop() i check the spi flag and if true i send spi data through http rest post to a server. Because of rest latency i miss interrupts. Is there any sort of queue to buffer incoming spi data so that i dont miss them?