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May 2017
Steve Nelson
May 14 2017 02:17
@mkeyno have you see me-no-devs asyncwebserver?
Myles Eftos
May 14 2017 03:45
@mkeyno have you tried to benchmark what is taking all of the time? Both chrome and safari have debug tools that can remote debug their respective browser. Looking at the waterfall you might be able to see if it's a server, network or rendering issue
Me No Dev
May 14 2017 07:30
@zenmanenergy he have seen it :)
Mehrdad K
May 14 2017 14:14
thanks you all , but as it mentioned server side is very robust and stable , and honestly I look for client side technique , to match the server like ESP server , such as low weight bootstrap and fast JS lib with low tendency
some formatting may still be broken, please open PRs :)
Bert Melis
May 14 2017 18:53
wow, neat documentation!