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Jun 2017
Jun 06 2017 18:53
Is there already a release to use the 16M of the Wemos D1 mini pro?
Jun 06 2017 20:00
@igrr @me-no-dev
Dear Sirs, I am using Arduino ESP8266 Core version 2.3.0 and I observed abnormal ESP Free Heap reduction, especially when I used sprintf in a function that is executed offen each 2 seconds. Do you know anything about this?
Using exactly the same code, but doing string manipulation using different way -not sprintf but String- this memory leakage seems minimal.
What do you think about? Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Mike Kranidis
Jun 06 2017 20:13
No, unfortunately the problem wasn't sprintf related... I don't know...
Bert Melis
Jun 06 2017 21:48
question: my knowledge doesn't reach far enough to understand why Is can't use the F()-macro in inline functions.
Antoine could explain?