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Jun 2017
Jun 11 2017 01:22

Does anyone have any experience with doing UDP NTP Time stuff with the ESP8266?
I am using the PJRC time library, and based my sketch on the ESP8266 example.
I get the NTP server IP on startup, and it gets the EPOCH time no problem. But the next time to goes to sync (set for 5 minutes, but tried 30 minutes also), it fails.
I enabled the Debug, and I get the following:

connected with ROUTER, channel 11
wifi evt: 0
wifi evt: 3
Connected -
Setting Up UDP
Transmit NTP Request
[hostByName] request IP for:
[hostByName] Host: IP:
Receive NTP Response

And then next time I get:

Transmit NTP Request
[hostByName] request IP for:
[hostByName] Host: lookup error: -5!

Jun 11 2017 02:32
tried DHCP, Static, defining DNS and not defining DNS, results are the same. I cant figure out what is going on.
it uses the exact same code the first attempt as with every other attempt
Jun 11 2017 02:37
That looks to be the same thing
Jun 11 2017 02:58
WiFi.hostByName() seems to work once. So I have done this at setup() now, and then saved the IP address globally, and used that each time after that.
Something is wrong though, there is a bug somewhere.
Jun 11 2017 03:05
ok no that didnt work either.
Jun 11 2017 05:44
been using 2.3.0, tried 2.4.0rc1, same exact thing
Holger Lembke
Jun 11 2017 10:05
Moin moin!
I try to get LiquidCrystal_I2C to run with es8266. i2cscan shows the pcf8574, but it does not work at all... any hints? any working github repo? thanks!
Holger Lembke
Jun 11 2017 10:23
ok, self answering service: seems to work.
Jun 11 2017 12:11
I need a way to get multiple WiFi networks running, but to differentiate between private network (at home to use the own MQTT broker or public network (w/o MQTT home network). There is another hotspot pretty close and when I'm at home I don't want to connect to this one. WiFiMulti works fine, but does not have the feature of using different profiles "private" and "public". Before I start working on an extension to WiFiMulti I want to see whether there are appropriate solutions around. Do you know of such a functionality?
Jun 11 2017 20:36
Hy guys,
just a little question:
I am using a Wemos D1 mini board. Here I need to comunicate serial with an external unit (IR-read/write-head)
Is it uncritical to use the normal TXD0/RXD0? Or should I use the RXD2/TXD2 (using serial swap) to avoid problems during download?