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Jun 2017
Bert Melis
Jun 17 2017 07:57
Will make pull request soon, after testing.
Jun 17 2017 20:40

Hi, need some help/ideas...
Have a Wemos D1. Using Serial1(TX1) for debug messages. Code is reduced for testing to only these two lines in setup()

   Serial1.println("---------------- PROGRAMMSTART ---------------------");

The ESP is powered by the USB-cable. When I power up the ESP (plug in the USB-cable in the USB-Port of my computer) the ESP is starting and I get the "PROGRAMMSTART-message". But after this there are some funny characters sent out to Serial1, and the ESP is freezing. A screenshot of the characters is in the top of this post.
After flashing, or after pressing the reset-button ESP is working fine.
Any ideas? thx in advance