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Aug 2017
Shelby Merrick
Aug 05 2017 12:33
Trying to enable debugging for IGMP within lwip and having some issues. I have os_printf working and the following defines in lwipopts.h, but not getting anything. Any idea what I'm missing?
#define LWIP_DEBUG
Shelby Merrick
Aug 05 2017 12:42
ugh... well, os_printf is working from sketch, but not from within igmp.c
Shelby Merrick
Aug 05 2017 13:44
silly me, thought Arduino compiled lwip each time. Ok, compiling it myself now. having issues tracking down where ETS_ASSERT comes from however
Stavros Korokithakis
Aug 05 2017 14:37
does anyone know what this circuit is for? is it level-shifting?
err, that seems like the wrong photo
ah, maybe it inverts the signal so the serial gets a 1 when tx is 0
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Aug 05 2017 22:47
yes inverter