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Aug 2017
Me No Dev
Aug 06 2017 08:36
@skorokithakis SBUS is protocol for RC control. Basically inverted serial at 57600. One way ;)
Stavros Korokithakis
Aug 06 2017 09:49
Ah, I see, thanks @me-no-dev, @everslick
Shelby Merrick
Aug 06 2017 13:26
Anyone have a clue where r_rand() comes from? I couldn't find a definition for it anywhere, however its called from lwip - esp8266/Arduino#3498
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Aug 06 2017 14:03
it is only called, when LWIP_IGMP is defined though. is IGMP support switched on by default?
ah i see, i didn't look at #3498 first, sorry.
Akash Ashok
Aug 06 2017 22:47
Hi Guys, Is anyone aware how to write unit tests for Esp8266 arduino code? I looked through ArduinoUnit but it seems to be incompatible with esp8266.