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Aug 2017
Myles Eftos
Aug 11 2017 00:02
@dimkin-eu include file that is gitignored.
And them make a note in the repo, and include a sample configuration file
Dmitry Munda
Aug 11 2017 04:54
Public repo
Is there possibility to include
Parameters from file?
But how to compile project with right config if there will be sample config? I.e. how to deal with 2 configs then :smile:
Aaron N.
Aug 11 2017 07:24
When you commit the config file do it first with a set of samples.
Then add the file to gitignore
thus it will never be overwritten with your real config file
That way it can keep the same name as the real config file, but just be full of sample data when in the repository
Dmitry Munda
Aug 11 2017 07:33
cool, thanx. but then real config will be kept only on original computer . and in case of kaboom will be lost ? :)
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Aug 11 2017 11:15
@dimkin-eu what's the deal? you just have to get the default config and enter your wifi password and SSID, and you are rolling again.
Dmitry Munda
Aug 11 2017 11:17