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Sep 2017
Bryce Schober
Sep 04 2017 15:22
Anyone have an idea how much UDP bandwith I should be able to broadcast from an ESP8266 as an AP with reasonably low packet loss to a PC? I seem to be approaching an upper limit at around 60 kbytes/second with a packet loss rate of 50%. But I get significant packet loss (~10%) already at 20 kbytes/second. I expected better throughput than that, at least 1 megabit/100kbytes per second without huge packet drop rates. I'm using large packets to help bandwidth, and transmitting at regular intervals, not in bursts. Is there anything else I can do to help it out?
I was going to try implementing an iperf3 client for ESP8266 to make a more standardized test, but apparently it's not as easy as iperf3 udp_send() makes it look.