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Oct 2017
Oct 20 2017 00:30
Thank you, but ... I need the opposite.
in this example easyddns the esp will be found through the right ddns address!
I need esp to find the server that is running a ddns address.
Oct 20 2017 01:34
Isn't that just a normal dns lookup? Hostbyname or something, if mem serves
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Oct 20 2017 09:07
dynamic dns is just DNS from the hostname lookup POV. but don't confuse wit mDNS, which is a different thing.
Oct 20 2017 10:53
see my esp is a client that connects to a c # application that is the server, the site that is the server is a fixed IP so my search for this IP. has worked. it happens that the ip will not be fixed anymore it will be dynamic and for my esp the server will have to search for a ddns and what I want to know with the noble colleagues is which the command to use. currently it looks like this: Client.connect(server, Port)) the server is a IP,
I want to change this ip to my ddns example
would be Client.connect(, port)