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Oct 2017
Rinaldi Segecin
Oct 30 2017 22:03
Hi guys.
I looking for AES encryption library for Arduino ESP8266 and came across plenty
it appears it's not included already in the SDK so I'd need to use one of them
Does anyone knows if there's an AES library that supports CTR mode for Arduino ESP8266?
I don't want to be working with Initialization Vector and CTR mode would be the case
Rinaldi Segecin
Oct 30 2017 22:17
well at least when I'm to cipher in nodejs with "crypto" library I don't need to specify an IV when I use "aes-256-ctr"
Matej Sychra
Oct 30 2017 23:33
What's wrong with IV? It's just a number.
And it adds important bit of security.
Understanding AES is crucial to be able to debug it at all. And ESP8266 is pretty slow for this, that's explanation for lack of examples, IMHO.