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Nov 2017
Nov 04 2017 12:29
@all: Hmmm...Imho this chat is not as frequently used as earlier times?
Everybody moved to arduino-esp32?
But is the ESP-32 already an alternative choice? Looks like there are still a lot of problems?
Thomas Cooper
Nov 04 2017 12:31
@rhertenstein_twitter you're in the wrong place - this is for ESP8266 boards. Might get more help on the Arduino forum @
@brutzler just got a few to play with. Seems to answer my low power problems (on paper)
@brutzler there should still be a place for the 8266 for a while yet though due to $
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Nov 04 2017 13:51
Esp8266 still has some potential.
Nov 04 2017 14:07
About $4 difference between the esp and esp32=> major difference when you need to buy or sell a large number.
Nov 04 2017 14:54
For me is more important, that its working without problems. I have enough work with my way of programming ;-)
There its of no good idea for me to change to another (perhaps more powerful ┬ÁController) where I have to expect that some stuff is not working because of new development.
My highest respect to all workers at this project, but I think its better for me to wait some time for stable stuff.
Thomas Cooper
Nov 04 2017 15:14
@brutzler I'm just going to start developing for the 32 chip as I need deep sleep features that you can't run on the 8266. I'll be solely in the Arduino environment so I'll report back to you on any issues I encounter in a month or so.
Nov 04 2017 15:17
@thomascoope :+1: OK thx
Stavros Korokithakis
Nov 04 2017 23:15
has anyone tried Nim for developing on the ESP?