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Nov 2017
Nov 13 2017 13:31
Hi, I want to power one of my NodeMCU with a LiPo-battery. To extend lifetime of the battery, I heard about sleep modus. Is there any good example for this?
Nov 13 2017 17:39
@brutzler Hi glad the information I gave helped. It occurred to me that up to about 125°C you could compare your probe to a DS18B20 temperature sensor. THE DS18B20 is reasonably accurate and there are loads of sketches and other information on the net. Alternatively you might be able to borrow a calibrated temperature measuring instrument with which to compare your sensor.
Nov 13 2017 22:07
@bobcroft Hi, I have about 3 reference thermometers ;-) That will be an easy job.
But now I am collecting infos for sleep-mode of the ESP, because of intending to use the WiFi-Thermometer with battery-power
Will check out, how long it will work with my powerbank. My aim is ~18h. This was the duration of my last pulled pork....