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Nov 2017
Shelby Merrick
Nov 27 2017 20:13
Is there a documented time on how long interrupts can be disabled before the wifi stack goes tits up?
I've seen everywhere from 10us to 10ms mentioned in random posts, but nothing concrete from Espressif
Michael Miller
Nov 27 2017 23:12
@forkineye As far as I know it is not documented. My experiments had shown that the smaller it is, the less often the chip resets; but it still reset even with 2us (after running a week with random net traffic). Its all based on net traffic and colliding with the time the interrupts are locked out.
Me No Dev
Nov 27 2017 23:22
@Makuna have you noticed what causes the reboots? beacon timeout or other network related traffic? 2us seems a bit too little to cause such issues