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Feb 2018
Stavros Korokithakis
Feb 16 2018 00:35
can someone point me to the SD card documentation? I can see the Arduino docs but i can't find the ESP8266 docs
Stavros Korokithakis
Feb 16 2018 00:44
ah looks like they're exactly the same
Asaf Fisher
Feb 16 2018 08:05
Hey can anyone help me? bought this new ESP8266 (AMICA sponser) And i flashed into it [nodemcu-master-8-modules-2018-02-16-07-09-01-integer] using nodemcu-flasher. I am able to upload code using the arduino software... but code sample blink code seems to not work. Also, ESPlorer doesnot seems to be able to connect to it? (i think)? It shows "Communication with MCU.." and nothing happens. IF I CLICK THE RST btn then it will respond in a weird way:
"can't autodetect firmware, because proper answer not received (may be unknown firmware).
Please, reset module or continue.