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Feb 2018
Stavros Korokithakis
Feb 17 2018 14:13
@AsafFisher you flashed the lua firmware?
i'm running into a weird problem: i run the ESP8266 off batteries (3.7V) on the 5V rail, it boots up, mounts an SD card, creates a wifi AP and waits for a UDP packet and turns on its LED. In my tests, if it boots with 3.6V, it doesn't work. if it boots with 3.7V, it works fine. i'm thinking it can't mount the SD card so the code fails, but why would it work at 3.7V and not 3.6V? I measure the voltage of the 3V3 pin and it is, indeed, 3.31V
Matej Sychra
Feb 17 2018 14:50
When the radio gets turned on, it draws more current. Maybe the voltage is not only reason.
Stavros Korokithakis
Feb 17 2018 15:25
i have it connected to a lab PSU and it gets enough current
it's only when voltage is at 3.6 that it can't start
i suspect it can't mount the SD
Asaf Fisher
Feb 17 2018 17:36
@skorokithakis @skorokithakis I speciied already that i hlashed into it nodemcu