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Mar 2018
Kirolos William
Mar 17 2018 14:00
I'm really interesting in the Arduino core of the ESP8266 , I'm really trying to trace the code and know more .
but i have a little problem here couldn't get it !
in a library like this
so where on earth this includes exist !!!!
I have opened and read every single folder and file to find the libraries like this and found nothing !!
so can help ?!
and the same thing I found with the Arduino core of ESP32 also
there's some libraries includes but they doesn't exist in the Repo !!
I hope you can help me in that
Mar 17 2018 14:15
Hello,everyone,I set esp8266 in ap mode,when i first use a phone as a client to connect the ap,and send data to it,it works well .but when i disconnect the phone and reconncet to the ap,it doesn't work .is anyone meet the same problem?