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May 2018
Rui Azevedo
May 26 2018 02:35
my esp8266 keep trying to connect to a non-existing network
onStationModeDisconnected «ssid»
it never stops trying, is there a way to prevent storage of of connection data and auto-connection?
Rui Azevedo
May 26 2018 08:25
WiFi.disconnect() or WiFi.mode(WIFI_OFF) seem not to help
Rui Azevedo
May 26 2018 08:38
for reference:
WiFi.setAutoReconnect(false) seems to work
uff ;)
Holger Lembke
May 26 2018 10:16
@me-no-dev regarding the i2c errors: replacing faulty usb-hub-power-supply seemd to fix it