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Jul 2018
Jul 17 2018 23:40
@me-no-dev yes, I'm posting to /wifi/connect which should set a flag and store the new SSID and Passwords submitted in the POST form. The flag is checked every cycle. If the flag is TRUE, and we have SSID and Password, then it waits 500 mills and attempts to connect to the newly specified wifi network. The thing is, it isn't even getting that far. It seems to fail on the SECOND (???) string assignment of the form field value. It's not being typecast as far as I can tell. Both source and destination are strings, so I'm confused as to why it's failing. Googling shows others with similarly failing string assignments yielding the same exception, but no resolution seemed to be presented in those cases. It does seem to be a phenomenon of only recent releases of esp8266 core