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Aug 2018
Earle F. Philhower, III
Aug 12 2018 03:05
@luffykesh Could you please open a bug on the github site for the compile error with a small bit of code that fails? I see the error from your link, but not any sample code.
Aug 12 2018 04:54
Yes, please open an issue. I have some comments about the compile error, and an idea for a workaround until we get a gcc upgrade
Rushikesh Patel
Aug 12 2018 10:17
@earlephilhower @devyte Yea sure, I'll open an issue with a bit of sample code.
Eslam Ali
Aug 12 2018 13:16
Hi guys,
How strong does this random number generator works "RANDOM_REG32 "? Does it listen to Wifi signal noises the same as esp_random() in ESP32?
Aug 12 2018 21:17
Does the toolchain user locally (user) installed libraries, over those packaged in core, where possible? or do I need to update core, to effectively update any core libraries?
Aug 12 2018 22:08
Looking at the method signatures it appears that all calling conventions expect an ‘https fingerprint’ when using EspHTTPUpdate.update(). Does this mean that OTA update using http, rather than https is no longer supported?
Aug 12 2018 22:16
Does the target server need to support anthing other than the single request? for example HEAD, or OPTIONS requests?