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Aug 2018
Aug 24 2018 06:50
Anyway, although this solved the problem but I'm not convinced with the cause!
ESP.getFreeHeap() is returning something around 40000!! So I have plenty of free heap! So how could moving something into the stack solve it? I guess it's fragmented heap memory.
I wonder if I can defragment the heap at run time
Any idea?
Me No Dev
Aug 24 2018 08:06
without you showing code, there could not be any ideas :)
Aug 24 2018 15:14
You're right.
I have an idea (interest); I know 3 useful ways to know some info about the RAM.
Serial.println( "Free heap = " + String(ESP.getFreeHeap()) );
Serial.printf( "Free heap1 = %d\n", system_get_free_heap_size() );
Nevertheless I'm interested to know the available stack at runtime.
Is there an API of some kind?
den har
Aug 24 2018 23:42
Hi all could someone please point me to the SERVER example to use with this example :
battling to find an example which displays the message a client sends
i want to send a line of text like : 0000.001,ABC,ON from the client to the server and read it at the server just need a very simple example of this
den har
Aug 24 2018 23:49
this example also explains the client side fairly well but where's the matching server example ?