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Aug 2018
den har
Aug 29 2018 00:46
@devyte How are you ? are you here ?
Aug 29 2018 03:45
I am now
As long as my super 6% battery holds out anyways
den har
Aug 29 2018 05:02
@devyte No pros .. will catch you another time ;-) no stress and keep well
Aug 29 2018 16:51
@denman0000_gitlab Sure, will be glad to cooperate about AsyncClient
I've been dedicating my life to it for about weeks maybe :)

you have a problem with

server randomly locking up when client is sending very tiny amounts of data

so the client (or asyncClient) is the esp8266 e.g. and the server is listening to some ports e.g.
First are you sure you are well connected to the server?
Second, I am well able to send data using
async_client.write( (const char*) totalMessage_buff );
Aug 29 2018 16:56
I don't recall anytime the server couldn't receive the message coming from the AsyncClient
@denman0000_gitlab Actually quite the opposite happened with me. When the asyncClient just connects to the server, the client couldn't get through onData the messages, then when I connect again to the server then it's fine
Maybe that is a hint to you. After just connecting, go and disconnect say 1 second later, the go ahead and connect again and send whatever you want...
Aug 29 2018 17:02
Another hint, connect to another port on the server... I mean, let the server listen to another port...
Borna Butković
Aug 29 2018 17:21
Hey, guys, I'm looking for advice on which library to use for simple asynchronous HTTP requests, any suggestions?
Bert Melis
Aug 29 2018 18:49
http client?
Aug 29 2018 19:33
@denman0000_gitlab perhaps a better hint is to put your server locally (in your LAN or WLAN) and not connect through the Internet (in case your server was remote).