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Nov 2018
Benedict Bayer
Nov 04 2018 17:45


I'm trying to make a MQTT+TLS with CA verification Sketch for my ESP8266 but I am struggling to combine the WifiClientSecure with PubSubClient. My current Sketch is able to load and verify certificates in a separate connection from my WifiClientSecure client. But not in the connection from the PubSubClient client. How is it possible to have only one connection to the server with CA verification and establishment of the MQTT connection? Is there an example sketch available somewhere?

Best regards

Nov 04 2018 18:42
are the device tests, mainly test_http_server and test_http_client, currently working? They are both failing for me. I tried these test_WiFiServer and test_WiFiClient both work so I know the framework is working for me. Ideas?
Nov 04 2018 20:20
No idea. Device tests aren't run regularly, like host tests are, because they require a specialized setup and hardware, so they can beak.
Nov 04 2018 20:22
Thanks - wanted to add tests for the redirect changes I’m working on for HTTPClient. I’ll try to carve out some time to debug them later.
Michael Miller
Nov 04 2018 21:08
is there a reason that the default constructor for SPISettings initializes to non-standard Arduino settings?
esp8266= _clock(1000000), _bitOrder(LSBFIRST), _dataMode(SPI_MODE0)
avr=(4000000, MSBFIRST, SPI_MODE0)