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Nov 2018
Nov 06 2018 00:44
So here is how it crashes with end() followed by POST(). In if _client is null then it assumes that _transportTraits is initialized but since non of the old apis begins() were called its not and _transportTraits->create(); causes a crash.
I’ll add a fix for that to the test_http_client PR
and include a test that it does not crash but is not
Expected to work (POST() after end())
Nov 06 2018 02:40
Thomas Backman
Nov 06 2018 18:36
I'm having same major issues with my UART. I have a ESP-01S module, connected to an Atmega328p via the UART; the Atmega TX line has a 2.2k/4.4k Ohm voltage divider to divide the voltage for the ESP. With the ESP in reset or with Serial non-initialized, the transmission works fine, as viewed by oscilloscope or a serial-to-USB cable. With the ESP actually reading, this is what I get: -- any ideas? As expected, those not-quite-low bits read as ones, and so a noteworthy percentage of all bits are invalid.
I noticed that the ESP8266 core sets the input pullup on the RX line, but I assume that's weak enough that it shouldn't matter? I'm still considering trying to compile it out and see what happens, though.