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Nov 2018
Nov 20 2018 01:22
@hasenradball I checked with @d-a-v, and it looks like I'm wrong in this case. Or rather, it's not quite that simple. The sntp api provided by Espressif in their sdk, which is documented in their 2c reference doc, is not really theirs, but it's a part of lwip. I thought the sdk had a layer over lwip, but that's not the case. In our core, we moved away from Espressif's way of using lwip by migrating from their lwip1.4 branch to our own branch of lwip2. Therefore, it's possible the issue is in our lwip glue code, and that's on us.
Thorsten von Eicken
Nov 20 2018 05:12
I always thought NONOS meant non open source...
as opposed to the open source freertos repo they had for a long time
they both use freertos IIRC
Nov 20 2018 05:30
No, there are two sdks: the nonos (our core is built on top of it), which is close to bare metal and really meant for event driven development, and the freertos sdk, which integrates a real OS
The nonos gives you greater control, and more mem available, but it's also easier to shoot yourself in the foot during development (easy to break).
Nov 20 2018 21:11
Hello! I'm using Arduino Core in my thesis and I wanted to know if there is a document explaining how the Arduino Core is built around the non-os SDK?