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Victor Aprea
anybody home?
Hi, Yes .... working
@kathir51 have you wifi_station_connect(); in your code?

@Links2004 yes .But to the surprise the same code using extern "C" works in arduino ide extern "C" {

include "osapi.h"

include "ets_sys.h"

include "mem.h"

include "os_type.h"

include "user_interface.h"

include "gpio.h"

include "espconn.h"

include "c_types.h"


struct ip_info ipconfig,ip;


uint8 status()
int status = wifi_station_get_connect_status();

if (status == STATION_GOT_IP)
  return WL_CONNECTED;
else if (status == STATION_NO_AP_FOUND)
  return WL_NO_SSID_AVAIL;
else if (status == STATION_CONNECT_FAIL || status == STATION_WRONG_PASSWORD)
else if (status == STATION_IDLE)
  return WL_IDLE_STATUS;

Serial.print("wifi connecting\r\n");
os_printf("wifi connecting\r\n");
char ssid[32] = "Benjamin";
char password[64] ="4522641400abc";
struct station_config stationConf;
stationConf.bssid_set = 0; //need not check MAC address of AP
os_memcpy(&stationConf.ssid, ssid, 32);
os_memcpy(&stationConf.password, password, 64);
while (status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
//for(int i=0;i<10;i++)
os_printf("wifi connected\r\n");
Serial.print("wifi connected\r\n");
char kat[40];
wifi_get_ip_info(STATION_IF, &ipconfig);
sprintf(kat,"IPaddress: %u %u %u %u",IP2STR(ipconfig.ip.addr);


//Do nothing function

void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
// user_init();

Is anyone willing to share a web server example with a SPIFFS file manager viewer, and file uploader? not wanting to re-invent the wheel. playing with the SD example, but there is no web front end for it?
Me No Dev
there is
it's in the folder were the sketch is
iggr recently shared a rework of my SPIFFS sketch that we had back ago
but you need to get the contents to the spiffs
has a file browser/uploader/editor in one located at http://ip-of-esp/edit
Me No Dev
listing files seem to not be working and starting "/" needs to be removed from the path in handleFileRead
the rest seems working
Me No Dev
here is a fixed version with instructions on how to upload the contects
should maybe go into the examples
Me No Dev
@igrr I have a verry interesting problem uploading larger files to the SPIFFS
if the file is larger than 226KB, I get at very particular points wrong bytes
those are exactly the next byte after 226KB, 364KB, 728KB and I imagine every 364KB after that
offsets correctpond to 0x38801, 0x5B001, 0xB6001, ... so on
Me No Dev
and the wrong byte is usually only missing the first bit (if it's set)
$ cmp -l map.png ~/Downloads/map.png 
 231425 145 144
 372737 265 264
 745473 135 134
h i to all Developers. As acadamic interest I want to debug some information from ARDUINO-ESP package Since from version 1.6.4 Board manager only controls package installation . So i installed previous version 1.63 and put Arduino-espcore in the hardware folder created in the arduino folder as per insrtruction below Create a folder named hardware in your Sketchbook folder, usually:
Linux: ~/Sketchbook
OS X: ~/Documents/Arduino
Windows: ~/My Document/Arduino
Download a release
Extract release
Place esp8266com folder in hardware folder created in step 1.
Start or restart the Arduino IDE I followed the above steps. When i compile ESPWIFI.SERVER it gives error " ESP8266Wifi.h" not found No such file or directory . But it is available in lib folder of esp8266 core Can any one help me?
Me No Dev
so you put the esp arduino files in your sketchbook/hardware folder?
@me-no-dev that looks great cheers. Will give it a go. Thanks.
Got it kind of working, but or some reason files ending in .html don't load when clicked on. if i try to create a .htm file, it fails saying file exists, and then loads the html file.
I'm liking the editor.. v smooth
Michael Miller
@igrr Another person (@patjazz) found that calling ESP.getCpuFreqMHz() in the setup section returning 80mhz and calling it in the loop section returns 160mhz when he has it set it 160mhz. Is there a reason for this?
Me No Dev
@sticilface files should end on htm. if you want to support the html extension (left it out because of FAT16 limitation) then you can add it to the supported types in the sketch
oh... maybe support needs to be added to the editor as well
will look where I have the source of it
i just changed things once i realised why the original files were editable.. and mine weren't.. not a biggy
Me No Dev
@Makuna here is the answer
static void loop_wrapper() {
    static bool setup_done = false;
    if(!setup_done) {
        setup_done = true;
Jimmy Pedersen
@Makuna Doesn't this mean that the frequency is set before every turn in the loop. If so it's not only costly in time but also prevents the main application from changing the frequency. Shouldn't it be after setup_done = true; ?
Me No Dev
I imagine (and @igrr can maybe confirm) that the reason the "preloop_update_frequency" method is named as such is because the frequency resets back to 80MHz t the end of the loop_wrapper
what will make you change the freq in the app and not while uploading?
and also, the preloop_update_frequency method is empty when F_CPU is 80MHz so no time is wasted
and you can control it in your app as long as you do it every loop (unfortuantelly)
Jimmy Pedersen
Ok. I see.So it is the esp_schedule code that changes the speed back to 80MHz? And i guess that is needed for the esp code to work properly, otherwise what is the point of setting it all the time? Just sounds a bit risky changing the divisor for the clock all the time, luckily it's only the core clock and not the peripheral clock :-)
@me-no-dev yes i am unable to compile their own esp libray
Me No Dev
@kathir1951 try puting it in the Arduino IDE hardware folder
i think the sketchbook hardware folder is not supported from a long time
@me-no-dev But documentation and instrcution says create hardware folder in Arduino folder and put espcom folder in it
@me-no-dev location is /MyDocument/Arduino/hardware/ espcom
@me-no-dev I am able to browse from Arduino ide sketchbook
@me-no-dev Can you please tell where Arduino ide hardware existes ?
@me-no-dev From version 1.6.4 only they statred installation of packages through Boards manager url