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@Links2004 runs fine native in Windows with python 2.7 :)
Harrison Mclean
@Makuna Thanks!
Steve Nelson
@tzapu I tried a reboot, giving me flashbacks to days on a Windows machine…sadly…it fixed it. I’ll see if I can figure out the command to list of the unsigned driver, to see if the ftdi is listed there, unless you happen to know the command.
Me No Dev
@zenmanenergy use the Console in Utilities :) error is visible there
Steve Nelson
@me-no-dev sweet, thanks.
@kireevco Nice to hear
Is there a clear example somewhere of how to update an arduino sketch that's running on an esp8266 by sending the updated sketch over-the-air?
Is it even currently possible?
The "reference" document at does seem to obliquely refer to it thusly:
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Sketch OTA update File system EEPROM WiFi config (SDK)
Ivan Grokhotkov
@WhiteHare This isn't documented anywhere, but you may find something useful in this issue: esp8266/Arduino#268
basically the flow is like this:
  • flash DNS_SD_Arduino_OTA example sketch
  • after some time, the board will appear in 'ports' menu
  • Select 'OTA' instead of 'Serial' in Tools > Upload using
You can now do some sketches and flash the sketch. It should be uploaded over-the-air
You also need python installed and in PATH, because the script which does OTA is currently written in python.
Ivan Grokhotkov
There are also samples bundled with the IDE which show how to do OTA using an HTTP upload. In some contexts this might be more convenient.

Hi about OTA procedure:

I use the content of BasicOTA.ino in my project and flashed my NodeMCU, serial terminal shows :
M117 Connecting...
OTA server at: ESP8266-OTA-22e89:8266

so server look ready

I use the tool python to do OTA to flash a new version of my project

C:\Users\user\Desktop\ld5110>python esp8266.cpp.bin

so terminal display this:

starting up on port 48266
upload size: 437120
sending invitation
waiting for a connection
connection from ('', 4097)
opening file esp8266.cpp.bin
sending 4096
sending 4096
sending 4096
sending 2944

and serial terminal display this:
Update Start: ip:, port:48266, size:437120
ERROR[0]: No Error

looks fine but atually ESP Fw is not modified even after a restart
do I missed something ?

Dmitry Kireev
@kathir1951 hey, so looks like my environment and script works fine. tested 3 times
@kireevco Thanks Nice
Dmitry Kireev
I will test more for linux and mac, and I hope we can have a nice cross-platform build script for toolchain
Ivan Grokhotkov
@kireevco for OS X don't forget to add export MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.7 (or maybe even 10.6) to the build script.
Dmitry Kireev
@igrr what does it do? (where is it used)
@igrr thank you
Ivan Grokhotkov
basically when someone builds an executable on OS X, by default compiler will target the same OS X version. the option i mentioned is to make sure the binary will run on older versions as well
it's used by clang/gcc
Dmitry Kireev
ah, that’s for gcc?
got it
thank you. mac specific.
Ivan Grokhotkov
there's also an equivalent GCC/clang command line option, -mmacosx-version-min, but i find it easier to set MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET once in the environment rather than making sure -mmacosx-version-min gets passed into each configure script correctly.
just my 2 cents, i remember people having issues when I built toolchain without this option
Dmitry Kireev
@igrr appreciate it!
I like esp-open-sdk because it’s open… but it doesnt’ work on windows yet :(
doesn’t build..
Ivan Grokhotkov
yeah, i saw pfalcon is reluctant to fix that, despite the fact that windows has about 80% user share in the esp8266 community
Dmitry Kireev
yep :(
I’m trying to arrange build environment here
tried cygwin, mingw… there are issues… and testing cycle is pretty long .
(just complaining) :-D lol.
Ivan Grokhotkov
yeah, i remember it took me a few nights to troubleshoot everything and build windows toolchain on my old laptop
last time i had to do this, i got myself a D4 instance from azure cloud
Dmitry Kireev
I got myself a host on hetzner, and built a proxmox host
you did a great job, thanks for your help too :)
Ivan Grokhotkov
ok, actually windows is down to 67%
esptool-0.4.5-linux32.tar.gz: 1103 downloads
esptool-0.4.5-linux64.tar.gz: 5845 downloads
esptool-0.4.5-osx.tar.gz: 5592 downloads 27600 downloads
Dmitry Kireev
nice data
still, lots of windows users