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Repo info
Me No Dev
-p is the port number
in your case it's different than 48266
be default OTA should be at port 8266, unless somebody decided otherwise and I have not seen the commit
mDNS service should also advertise that port
ho so there is some typo issue on output :
Update Start: ip:, port:48266, size:346928
Staged: address:0x002AB000, size:0x00054B30
Update Success
the 4 should not be there - right ?
Me No Dev
by default the python script should select port 8266 I think
you can check the source
I relied on output - will check the typo issue - thanks
yes 8266 in script and working - and not typo issues but may be misunderstanding from me
script has both
serverPort = 48266
server_address = ('', serverPort)
and remote_address = (remoteAddr, 8266)
so it is confusing
Me No Dev
ok so this is how OTA goes
the computer sends ping to the ESP to tell it thata there is an update
that happens on port 8266 on the ESP
then the ESP calls bac the PC at port 48266 to get the update
thank you
Me No Dev
no probs :) seems I have forgotten how it worked
I need some help to get OTA working without 1) disabling firewall 2) putting my own delay in the reply, to give me enough time to click allow.. I'm using mac, el cap.

I have code signed everything on my computer. python, the arduino IDE, the ota script. in every case the output from codesign -dvvv is this

CodeDirectory v=20100 size=115 flags=x0(none) hashes=1+2 location=embedded
Hash type=sha1 size=20
Signature size=1501
Signed Time=3 Nov 2015, 14:28:47
Info.plist=not bound
TeamIdentifier=not set
Sealed Resources=none
Internal requirements count=2 size=136

none of it makes any difference. the cert mycodesigning is trusted for everything. i've restarted my machine.. from what i can see this should work...

Hi, can anybody help me? Looking for the "DNS_SD_Arduino_OTA"-Sketch since several hours. Looks like I am too stupid for the www.....
Oh dear.... forget it. Changing the board to an ESP.... and viola.... ESP8266mDNS is appearing. Sometimes it is so hopeless with me.
Hello. Where is the correct directory for the esp8266fs.jar on os x? I put it to HOME/Documents/Arduino/tools but without luck
Ivan Grokhotkov
I have this esp8266fs.jar in ~/Documents/Arduino/tools/ESP8266FS/tool/esp8266fs.jar
This is mentioned in reference:
Unpack the tool into `tools` directory (the path will look like `<home_dir>/Arduino/tools/ESP8266FS/tool/esp8266fs.jar`)
hi to all .I urgently need help .I was porting esphttpd projrct using sdk to Arduino IDE USING native C code of ESP8266 .I want to upload webpage.espfs at location 0x12000. Since Arduino uploads single bin file at location 0x00000.i cannot upload weppage.espfs at location 0x1200 . Can any one guide me how to spilit single arduino bin one at location 0x00000 and another at 0x40000 using changes in platform.text Pl suggest and method to change
@igrr thanks now it works

[SPIFFS] data : /Users/waldemar/Documents/Arduino/WordClock/data
[SPIFFS] size : 3052
[SPIFFS] page : 256
[SPIFFS] block : 8192
[SPIFFS] upload : /var/folders/_n/sy8p0xjs0dlffvp139xmn9qm0000gn/T/build7861671219293661246.tmp/WordClock.spiffs.bin
[SPIFFS] reset : nodemcu
[SPIFFS] port : /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART
[SPIFFS] speed : 115200
[SPIFFS] address: 0x100000

Uploading 3125248 bytes from /var/folders/_n/sy8p0xjs0dlffvp139xmn9qm0000gn/T/build7861671219293661246.tmp/WordClock.spiffs.bin to flash at 0x00100000
warning: espcomm_send_command: didn't receive command response
warning: espcomm_send_command(FLASH_DOWNLOAD_BEGIN) failed
SPIFFS Upload failed!

Ivan Grokhotkov
@kathir1951 you need a bit more than just changes to platform.txt.
Linker scripts have to be changed as well
I think it might be easier to place this weppage.espfs into a different location
i.e. into the space reserved for SPIFFS
@onkelfunny does this happen every time? I get this FLASH_DOWNLOAD_BEGIN failed error once in a while, but usually giving it another attempt helps
that's using nodemcu on OS X as well
@igrr yes possible then i have to change libhttpd.a can you give the location reserved for SPIFS
yes every time. i also tried the manual boot loader mode
Ivan Grokhotkov
@kathir1951 depends on the flash size you choose in Arduino Tools menu.
@igrr some clues for reserved location
Ivan Grokhotkov
for 4 Mbyte flash you dive into https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino/blob/master/tools/sdk/ld/eagle.flash.4m.ld and see
PROVIDE ( _SPIFFS_start = 0x40300000 );
PROVIDE ( _SPIFFS_end = 0x405FB000 );
for 512k (64 k SPIFFS) option you open https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino/blob/master/tools/sdk/ld/eagle.flash.512k64.ld and see
PROVIDE ( _SPIFFS_start = 0x4026B000 );
PROVIDE ( _SPIFFS_end = 0x4027B000 );
flash is memory mapped at 0x40200000, so to get flash offset you need to subtract that number
i.e. 0x6b000 — 0x7b000 for 512k option and 0x100000 — 0x3fb000 for 4m option
@onkelfunny let's try increasing flash erase timeout
could you build esptool from source or is it too much to ask?
if not, i'll build it for you and send you a binary :)