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Repo info
Akash Ashok
today i got a new module from alibaba
i am able ot flash code into it
after flashing on serial port its pringting gibberisg
tried all baud rates
Tried setting ... Serial.begin(9600);
and then opening serial monitor at 9600
and then tried Serial.begin(115200); and opened serial at the same
it always prints gibberish
Stavros Korokithakis
@thehellmaker but flashing worked properly?
Akash Ashok
Yeah it did
I out a loop and serial print
Its printing gibberish
And I remove that nothing comes on the screen
But ap doesn't come up
It doesn't connect to wifi
Nothing really works apart from printing girrberish when I print to serial
Quite strange
My esp12f modules work perfectly
Stavros Korokithakis
Hmm, that's very odd, I've never seen that
Does anyone know of a component like a key matrix, for connecting many inputs or outputs to few GPIOs? A GPIO extender, I guess
Stavros Korokithakis
Martin Ayotte
This MAX7317 is SPI, so taking several pins for adding a few ... MCP23017 is a better solution bringing 16 GPIOs while consuming only 2 pins for I2C.
Victor Tseng
I used esp8266 to make the product prototype
and my boss decided to switch to stm32+bcm43341
so I went study stm32+bcm43341 for like few months
and then he tells me that the price is too high, now switching back to esp8266.
Michael Miller
Eh, didn't they consider price before they made a decision about switching?
Me No Dev
@Palatis just in time for esp32 to come out and switch again :P
Victor Tseng
yeah really
they want BT
"can't we just have BT?"
and I was like "yeah, but, what for?"
".... marketing? ppl buy stuff if they got both BT AND WIFI"
dunno, I'm actually looking into esp32
can't get any sample
that's bad
Me No Dev
I guess BT can be used to setup the device instead of WiFi
Victor Tseng
called espressif, they won't provide even esp31b
Me No Dev
esp31b does not have BT
Victor Tseng
I dunno, I just use the (stupid)-smartconfig
doesn't matter
cuz, they wanna use BT to determine RSSI, to find out how far the phone is away from the device...
Clemens Kirchgatterer
everything is better with bluetooth
Me No Dev
esp32 is in manufacturing, so expect it to hit the shelves soon