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Repo info
    Mark Becker
    root@AbhinavPC-10:/mnt/d/EspruinoProject/Espruino-1# which nrfutil
    root@AbhinavPC-10:/mnt/d/EspruinoProject/Espruino-1# which adafruit-nrfutil
    root@AbhinavPC-10:/mnt/d/EspruinoProject/Espruino-1# nrfutil version
    adafruit-nrfutil version 0.5.3.post16
    root@AbhinavPC-10:/mnt/d/EspruinoProject/Espruino-1# adafruit-nrfutil version
    adafruit-nrfutil version 0.5.3.post16
    this is s bit strange I have nrgutils and adafruit-nefutil. both are in different location. But when I called both are pointing to adafruit-nrfutil
    I cannot build DFU packages
    GEN espruino_2v07.9_sparkfun.hex
    Creating DFU ZIP
    # nrfutil  pkg generate --help
    nrfutil pkg generate espruino_2v07.9_sparkfun.zip --application espruino_2v07.9_sparkfun_app.hex --application-version 0xff --hw-version 52 --sd-req 0x8C --key-file targets/nrf5x_dfu/dfu_private_key.pem  
    Usage: nrfutil [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
    Try "nrfutil --help" for help.
    Error: No such command "pkg".
    make: *** [make/common/NRF5X.make:453: espruino_2v07.9_sparkfun.zip] Error 2
    because adafruit-nrfutil does not have pkg argument.
    any fix? I am using WSL for Windows 10
    they share same libraries but require different versions so cannot coexist in same python version/environment, try to install nrfutil in python2

    hi, I've compiled an espruino for the id205 (it still exists in the original espruino repo). I had to change a few things to build. I think these are not critical things, at least enough to prevent the watch from booting. It shows
    DFU 2.9.30

    and always resets. Any ideas?

    Thanks @fanoush , Ubunto 20.04 does not comes with Python2.7 and Pip2. Thus it was diffcult for me to manage different Python and Pip version.
    I got help from (here)[https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-install-pip-on-ubuntu-20.04/] to install pip2 for Ubuntu20.04 and after that I uninstall adafruit-nrfutil and nrfutil from pip3
    then Install adafrit-nrfutil using pip3 nd nrfutil using pip2
    this worked !!!
    Mohammad Almechkor
    hello everybody!
    can i import modules from npm like chance.js to my esp8266
    Ákos Lukács
    not really, most npm modules are just too big. for example chance.js minified is 176k
    and most have dependencies that either won't work, or toob big themselves
    but you can import arbitrary js files like require("https://github.com/espruino/EspruinoDocs/blob/master/devices/PCD8544.js");
    If it's a (by npm standards) small file, it will work
    Mohammad Almechkor
    thank you @AkosLukacs

    Hi everyone.
    I am connecting my ESP8266-01 to my computer using a USB to FTDI adapter. However, when I connect it to the console, it does not respond to any AT commands. Only when I reset it using its pin with the console set at 74880 baud, it prints the following message:

    ets Jan 8 2013,rst cause:2, boot mode:(3,6)
    load 0x40100000, len 31320, room 16 
    tail 8
    chksum 0xef
    load 0x00000000, len 0, room 0 
    tail 0
    chksum 0xef
    load 0x00000000, len 0, room 8 
    tail 0
    chksum 0xef
    csum 0xef
    csum err

    What should I do?

    Mark Becker
    Webide for ESPs use 115200 baud
    I know, but at that baudrate I get random characters
    Mark Becker
    look's like something went wrong with flashing, like firmware does not match device the board need different flash flags .......


    I have already flashed it several times, and I believe I have done it correctly. Check this forum to see my previous attemps, please.

    Tim Caswell
    Are things completely broken currently for ESP32? I can't get wifi to work on any of my devices and tried flashing several different ways with the last 10 versions or so
    Mark Becker
    Hmm, which error code do you get?