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    Tushar Yadav
    @AkosLukacs right now I am doing same. I ping www.google.com to check internet availability. But is it good idea to check internet availability?
    Ákos Lukács
    If ping doesn't work either your Internet or Google is down, sound good enough :)
    Sahin D.
    Hi, is this a known issue?
    ets Jun  8 2016 00:22:57
    rst:0x1 (POWERON_RESET),boot:0x17 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)
    configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
    mode:DIO, clock div:2
    entry 0x40080274
    E (542) spiram: SPI RAM enabled but initialization failed. Bailing out.
    Ákos Lukács
    The last warning? If you don't have spi ram, just ignore it. Some boards have, some don't
    ESP32 supports SPI PSRAM connected in parallel with the SPI flash chip. While ESP32 is capable of supporting several types of RAM chips, ESP-IDF currently only supports Espressif branded PSRAM chips (ESP-PSRAM32, ESP-PSRAM64, etc).
    So while the chip supports SPI ram the SDK does not atm.
    Just “Espressif Branded” PSRAM it seems
    Sahin D.
    I've been trying to prepare my Devkitc board ready for Espruino however, that is the error I'm getting recently. I have followed the installation steps on the documentation page and seems like there is something wrong, and I can't figure what is
    Ákos Lukács
    The devkitc doesn't have PSRAM, so that's normal. You are good to go!
    Anything else on the console?
    What happens if you just hit enter?
    Sahin D.

    What happens if you just hit enter?

    Nothing, actually.

    Right now, I have switched to ESP8266 NodeMCU board to continue to testing and in that, I have success. The board is running perfectly.

    I'll get back to ESP32 and continue where I left and see what's wrong with it

    BTW. this is my first day with Espruino and I love it! I'm actively coding in JS, well mostly in TS however, after setting up ESBuild to bundle the files into one file and pasting it on the IDE, is just perfect 🚀
    Mark Becker
    Does anyone has success to flash 2v09?
    Got stuck in a reboot loop .....
    Mark Becker
    "Brownout detector was triggered" : is this board rubbish?!
    Sahin D.

    I have ESP32-­WROOM-­32D and ESP32­-WROOM-­32U boards and I think I have damaged my 32D board by supplying power via 5V pin using 5V input and via USB cable at the same time and burn something in it- probably an SMD I guess (rookie mistake). Since then, it shows "Brownout detector was triggered" and it doesn't power up with USB cable. I have to supply power via 5V pin if I want it to connect to my PC.

    My other board, 32U however, works as expected with Espruino 2v09. I'm now careful not to supply power from different sources at the same time

    Mark Becker
    I have now a fix for my six boards: Add a better 5v to 3v3 LDO
    Tushar Yadav
    Hello, I want to download a bin file for OTA. Do I need to do CRC check after download. If yes, how I can check CRC for a bin file?
    is possible to use Espruino App Loader with ESP32?


    I am running the interface on the local server using the asyncy web server library. no problem here

    but 2 or more esp32s are connecting to each other, the server esp32 needs to send data to the client esp32, for this they need to send data between themselves via http post. How can I do this?

    1 reply
    Does anybody have good documentation on how to do debugging using Espruino and an ESP32 board? Thanks
    hi, I am back to this scene after a very long time, I see that in espruino "0x300000 1024KB 1Mb Flash Fat Filesystem" on esp32, is this true also for esp8266 (4mb) also, can I just load files there and serve them (trying to create webserver that will serve react app). do u have a good refrence project (that shows how to upload from command line the file there, and a base project with webserver espruino?_
    Bradley Matusiak