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    she hacked you
    you understand taht right?
    this is not random discussion
    this is literallly the fate of ETC
    and your project is being put at risk too
    right now emerald is the primary wallet advertised on a portal that could easily be tampered with
    our primarysource of clients for the public
    is completely and utterly unprotected
    meanwhile we ahve dudes stickying their own posts and masturbating in public
    i dont carewho is in charge
    but we cant have an insecure source of wallets for the community
    she hacked you
    Kariz: I fucking blame people like you DIRECTLY for people like pyrell going crazy with his mod powers. You need to be part of fixing it. And control ofethereumclassic should probably go to splix
    or atleastsomeone who can fucking secureit
    Anyone got some testnet nodes they could post? I can't get onto the ETC Testnet
    Igor Artamonov
    it usually takes some time to find testnodes, just wait 15-30 minutes. Also please make sure firewall allows incoming connection to port 30303 for both UDP and TCP
    Thanks Igor. I've had it running for a few days, and still zero peers.
    Non-testnet works fine. Incoming is allowed.
    (both UDP & TCP)
    Igor Artamonov
    That’s strange, it should be able to find peers already. I’d suggest to ask at forum.ethereumclassic.org
    Benjamin Cordes
    Hi all
    hi @benjyz
    as you gave through which client you use and which testnet you are talking, there are good chances to get help from me
    is there something i could help with?
    can you access it at another url?
    hey guys, I was wondering if the atlantis fork was going to change anything on my ledger ETC app?
    Zane Starr
    @jasons147gta I think they're just generated from https://github.com/ETCDEVTeam/emerald-js/tree/master/docs there are asciidoc converters to html if that's easier
    @akanazara I guess what does the ledger app do? I think most of the changes are additive, i.e. you should be able to use revert now nad the zk snarks opcodes, use solidity compiler > 4.2 . I can't think of anything off the top of my head that would be breaking and existing smart contract.
    here's a list of the changes
    If the ledger app embeds a client , you'll need to upgrade the client implementation to latest implementations that support atlantis hardfork
    Or if you're running a full node on aws you'll need to upgrade as well
    Rudrika Fichadiya
    How can I use RPC APIs for particular method i.e transfer.? Which are the parameters for request.
    Zane Starr
    with this you can actually test it against an endpoint
    @RudrikaFichadiya see www.ethercluster.com
    you can use the docs like swagger and make a request to the public node and get back the result
    Rudrika Fichadiya
    @zcstarr URL gives 404.
    @RudrikaFichadiya maybe this https://docs.ethercluster.com/#/
    Rudrika Fichadiya
    @phyro Yes, but previously I've referred this guide and given url too, but I was not able to connect Kotti anyway.
    Definitely worth checking out the Devcon Hackathon! Very easy to do, rewards are awesome and all skill levels are welcome! https://gitcoin.co/blog/announcing-the-road-to-devcon-hackathon/
    hello, does anyone knows if there a ETC meetup / group or organized meetings the Netherlands ?
    Yaz Khoury
    @RudrikaFichadiya you can connect via https://www.ethercluster.com/kotti
    if you have issues, you'll need to explain what is it you're trying to do and what errors you see
    that'll help me debug it better
    are you connecting via web3?
    Yuri Gagarin
    Emerald Wallet 2.1 has been released - https://twitter.com/getemerald/status/1191812107685236737
    Le The Trieu
    hi every one, i developing etc wallet and when i send transaction to parity network it return transaction hash:
    nonce: 0,
    chainId: 1,
    from: '0x17e71ceed38448d293c3af47e08c08a20f4749f4',
    to: '0x5af47596f0f149d4d03869c8e13828190f2248cc',
    value: '10000000000000000',
    gasPrice: '1000000000',
    gasLimit: 53000 }
    signedTx: { rawTx:
    '0x5437e7b62cb499b8f672a9b23b067ede675550adb2b5a1408df2337cb6a6e83d' }
    txHash: 0x5437e7b62cb499b8f672a9b23b067ede675550adb2b5a1408df2337cb6a6e83d
    txResult: { txHash:
    my parity config:
    chain = "classic"
    i use web3 js
    but when i check transaction in https://blockscout.com/etc/mainnet/address/0x17e71ceed38448d293c3af47e08c08a20f4749f4/transactions, here is nothing
    i don't know happening, can you help me ?
    Igor Artamonov
    chainId=1 is for ETH network, I guess you need 61
    Le The Trieu
    oh, thank you very very much :D, @splix