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Mar 2016
Mar 10 2016 02:29

I finally understand why Swarm is not as essential as I thought and can be added later as an addon.

I have also been thinking more about APIs on Ethereum in general, and in the end it comes down to either having a middleware/gateway/proxy or programming language library implementing some standards on both the client and server side. Latter may be preferable because it includes no heavy dependencies (as is the case with Kong (Nginx+Cassandra)), but at some scale, load balancing for virtual services and fragile p2p links would have to be handled anyway.

There are many open questions, for example how authentication (with HTTP Header signatures?) or payments are handled. Restricting payments to a subscription based model brings its own problems, for example users acting as proxies for others. With regards to an offchain SDL, still looks promising, maybe it would make sense to add some custom identity fields and corresponding functionality to the server/client generator.

I haven't created an API on a larger scale before. It all depends on the scale of the deployment, it certainly makes a difference whether a toaster or the entire Facebook API is behind it.

Mar 10 2016 02:35
Why do I even think about this? Because I want to find a way to connect services and devices with each other that depend on networks, not logically centralised intermediaries. If I can find a way to add my room light to this system in a way that millions of others could as well, interesting things will happen.
Péter Szilágyi
Mar 10 2016 08:21
@void4 You might want to look into ;) It was my PhD, but has a lot of considerations you're pondering about
I abandoned the project a while ago sadly :(
Mar 10 2016 09:54
Will do, thanks for the link!
Mar 10 2016 12:06
Woah, interesting. That gives it an entirely new perspective. I have to read more of your papers.