Dec 31 2017 06:01 UTC
I must send eth to ED wallet too? To cover Gas costs?
Dec 31 2017 06:04 UTC
@McDaan you have to deposit it (top right corner) after sending funds to ED oX address
Dec 31 2017 06:21 UTC
why do I get an error message when trying to withdraw my ETH?
Dec 31 2017 06:27 UTC
have a question ive already made my trades after importing my coinbase acct. i then selected export acct assuming it would go back to the same address but it hasnt arrived yet did i do something wrong or do i just have to wait longer
Quoting Lives
Dec 31 2017 06:41 UTC
I have a problem
Quoting Lives
Dec 31 2017 06:52 UTC
both buy and sell boxes aren't showing on the browser
Newswatch Report
Dec 31 2017 06:59 UTC
Anyone Experience this... I sent QSP to my ether wallet in 2 transactions. Both showed up in myetherwallet but only one shows in ethplorer. it's been three hours... how can it not show up on ether wallet... Then I sent the entire balance to my 2nd myetherwallet. It showed up on the 2ns wallet but ethplorer doesnt show the transaction and ...still shows the 1st deposit to my 1st wallet as being there.