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9Round Calgary
I went to forkdelta and deposited my NEXO coins.... Now how do I take them from the deposit and turn them into ETH?
Is that a Withdraw or Transfer?
@9RoundCalgary_twitter You place a trade. In other words, you offer them for sale.
Most of your questions can be answered by watching this https://forkdelta.app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmFTwIl_iXc
ツ Just like Steff ツ
hello i cant use etherdelts
it load every time
only load load load laod
@realStefLeo_twitter Use https://forkdelta.app
I think I didn't back up my private key... I am trying to get it to transfer etherium from coinbase.
I believe I am supposed to get the private key to go to coinbase to deposit to Ether..Can I start a new one if I didn't get?
@LudwigMom_twitter 1 - If you didn't back up your private key that was assigned when you crated a new private key account here, just create another one and be sure to back it up this time. 2 - I'm not sure what you're asking, but DO NOT send ETH from here to a Coinbase account. You can send ETH from a Coinbase account to your private wallet here. 3 - Don't do your transacting at EtherDelta because it's broken. Use https://forkdelta.app Any private key and wallet that you may have created here can also be used at ForkDelta and all funds/tokens will also be available there. 4 - If you're that new to using a DEX, watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmFTwIl_iXc
i tried to deposit some ether, but the transaction has been pending for 7 hours now. any ideas?
each time i log on, the site tells me i am logging on through metamask, unfortunately i have forgotten the metamask access codes... how do i tell the site that i want to change this?
also why are all the charts represented by spinning circles of dots?\
@mrcolski_twitter Learn how the exchange works. You used too little gas and the ethereum network does not want to pick up your transaction. You can wait for them to decide to pick it up at some later date, but you may wait days or weeks. Your transaction could be dropped, but you can't count on that. You could cancel it. You could also increase the gas if you're using MetaMask. It's always best to know what you're doing.
@judstable If your funds/tokens are in a MetaMask wallet and you forgot the codes. You just lost your assets and nobody can help you there. If it's telling you that you're trying to log in with MetaMask, and you don't want to or don't have your assets in MetaMask, then disable MetaMask in your browser and reboot your browser. Also, you shouldn't be trying anything on EtherDelta because it's trashed.
meh! 0.071 ETH - luckily i'm in a position to take the hit - cheers for the heads up on etherdelta
Hi please help me how can i deposit etherum on etherdelta to transfe my token ?
@lahoucine007 Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmFTwIl_iXc
Mwila W.
hi y'all :D
so i wanted to grab some tokens on etherdelta but somehow i cant get anything to load, it just keeps spinning those circles.. tried to clear cache and made the cookiemonster mad, log in again fresh but still the same, is there something down or what could this be?
lol why my screenshot and printscreenlink gets purged :o
@triptamin Don't do your transacting at EtherDelta because it's broken. Use https://forkdelta.app Any private key and wallet that you may have created here can also be used at ForkDelta and all funds/tokens will also be available there. If you're that new to using ForkDelta, watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmFTwIl_iXc
@triptamin Only Mods can post pictures.
ahmed elmortada
You have sent a transaction to a valid address and the credit has not appeared
In my wallet but etherscan transaction has occurred and i want to return the balance to the first sender address
How do I do it thank you all.
@elmortada079_twitter Can you post the etherscan hash of your transfer transaction? I need this to look into what's going on.
Do not listen to anyone who direct messages you in this chat.
Why do I see this message every time I ask for a signature
Order signing failed. Make sure you have an account selected from the Accounts dropdown in the upper right.
@mohud_sad_twitter You can't post a picture here
Are you using MetaMask?
@Martook I have a problem signing
@mohud_sad_twitter Are you using Firefox browser?
@Martook No
chrome and opera
And they all show the same problem
@mohud_sad_twitter What version of MetaMask?
@Martook 8.0.4
The last update was yesterday
@mohud_sad_twitter Is it possible to get a version 7? Version 8 may be the culprit, until they get it straightened out.
If not, can you try Firefox browser?
@Martook Well, I will try
@Martook The same problem appears
@mohud_sad_twitter You're talking about signing in order to place an order in the book, right?
@Martook How do I get the version 7 the last update was automatic
@Martook Yes\