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Oh okay wait
EtherDelta/ForkDelta only deal in ERC20 tokens using the Ethereum Network.
@Sasifgillani As you can see, your ETH was transferred in and then transferred out. https://etherscan.io/address/0xEA81B4e47DBF3BB4f8cBEC7e61feBc69c5ddFCf0
It looks like he took it.
You must have given him the key to your wallet.
I haven't gave him the key
Can you show how a key looks like
There is nothing we can do right now
It was almost an 800$
@Sasifgillani A key is an alphanumeric number that's 64 characters long.
I did not gave him the key
I believe he calls it your backup address.
I'm afraid it looks like you did, even though you may not have thought you did.
Import address are with me i didn't shared that
It means i cant do anything right now
@Sasifgillani When an Ethereum wallet is generated, you're given an address and a key. You are the only one in the world that's given the information. Now, if you were on an unsecured wifi connection, that key could have been stolen. There are other ways as well, but the bottom line is you've lost your ETH and there's no way to get it back.
That is such a bad news sir
If you had used metamask.io, you would have an extra measure of safety and this may not have happened.
It was my first time thats why i got scammed... World is full of bad people's
@Sasifgillani Yes, and new traders are always targeted.
Thanks for the guidence sir
@Sasifgillani If you wish to trade at ForkDelta, here's an older video that gives instructions. Remember, you must use metamask.io. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmFTwIl_iXc
Sure sir thanks
@Sasifgillani If your token is not listed, you can take the contract address of your ERC20 token and place it in the URL where the XXXXX's are. Go to that URL for a trading page. https://forkdelta.app/#!/trade/XXXXX-ETH
zahid sher
You just created an Ethereum account: 0xB3094E4c1D67371c441b9ac96AbbD7BE409CC496
Please BACKUP the private key for this account: f785b6c946255fb67a7c6ede121e40650c007f5493ccf4cc789f154b45635a37
Can u see my account
I have deposited eth.
@muhamma54015726_twitter In the future, you should never post your wallet key. Now anyone can now get into your wallet. One the other hand, your wallet has already been compromised and the ETH was removed days ago.
Hello. Any etherdelta representative?
I've deposited 0.15 ethereum to my wallet but didn't received it till now
Is this ligit email address for team etherdelta?
Wats the right email address for team ether delta
Yaqoob Baloch
@Martook please
@Masti911 EtherDelta does not have an email address. EtherDelta doesn't work any longer. You may have been scammed.
@YaqoobB52396647_twitter If you're asking where your ETH transfers are, they were removed from the address you posted shortly after they were transferred there.
If you didn't remove them, it would suggest that your wallet has been compromised and someone else has access to it.
If that's the case do not transfer any more ETH, and do not use this wallet again. I believe on Mar 4th you had a similar incident, correct? https://etherscan.io/address/0xd34D21a790711fC498216e777Da70E4430C41782 Now: https://etherscan.io/address/0x813E58a730f2c4d899Acab94ECa9CDF6a9279448
I want to know how to backup.
I mean how to backup the new account
@JONATHA09266135_twitter All you have to do to back up your account is save your account address and key in a safe place that's not online. Now that you've created a wallet and key, your next step should be to create an https://metamask.io wallet and import the wallet you just created here into the metamask wallet. Once that's done, take the metamask wallet and go to https://forkdelta.app to use it because EtherDelta is not working properly and ForkDelta was created to replace it.
If you need more information about doing the above, ask here and I will answer when I get a chance.
Sir I have some issue can u help me
I can deposit more than .40eth but my account are still not verified
Please i need help to create an application for admob services can anybody help....