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Hi Team, I have a question. I am trying to run ethminer on ubuntu which needs proxy settings inorder to connect to internet. I successfully set http proxy environment vars inorder to access internet and installed graphics drivers, downloaded the repo from github and ran the miner. However, it is not able to connect to the pools. Is there any extra settings that I should give to the miner inorder to run it through a proxy?
i 19:19:02 ethminer Selected pool us1.ethermine.org:4444
X 19:19:03 ethminer Error <hasedoutip>:4444 [ Operation canceled ]
X 19:19:03 ethminer Error [<hashedoutmac>]:4444 [ Network is unreachable ]
X 19:19:03 ethminer No more IP addresses to try for host: us1.ethermine.org
i 19:19:03 ethminer Disconnected from us1.ethermine.org:4444
i 19:19:03 ethminer No connection. Suspend mining ...
Is there an option to specify the proxy in ethminer command?
who will switch to rvn next month ?
Anh DH
I wonder how a miner work. I understand that we have a hash function H (depend on a specific algorithm),
new_hash = H(Block Number, Nonce, Data, Previous Block’s Hash)
So we need to find a nonce which is a random number.
Simply, we for loop from zero to 4294967296 to find an appropriate solution depending on the difficulty.
So what is the role of DAG in this process?
Hitesh Sharma
A quick question. Can we limit GPU hash power using Ethminer? Yes, then how?
Or is there any other way to limit it for mining purpose?
what's the size of the block in bytes?
Any insight as to how --cu-streams and --cu-parallel-hash effect cuda performance?
Most interested for nvidia turing architecture
@nicjohnston please guide me how to fix the error of “mining is suspended” that you already solved. Thanks
Build step failed.PNG
Hello Everyone I am trying to set up the ethminer on windows10 but I am stuck with some errors:- Build step failed, So Please responded if someone can help me out on this
you can also response on my mail address :- manoj.sharma@imentus.com
no opencl platform found
How to solve this problem
Broadcasting new job to 0 stratum miners
Hello! I am attempting to install either ethminer or nsfminer on Windows 10. I can download the executable from Github, unzip it, but the executable just will not run. I disabled windows defender + security features, but still nothing. Has anyone else ran into this issue?
@fuyundian There is no CUDA, Install CUDA
Marcus Lindsey
how do i find my worker name in ethminer im an extreme noob dont hate plz
8 replies
Marcus Lindsey
how do I find my worker name??
Is there a current build of ethminer that supports Ampere cards?
ethminer 代码解析有么
Yonghong Yan
i set up a geth node and use ethminer to mine. But i am not sure whether it is mining correctly. I do not expect the my setup is able to mine a block, that is why I do not know it is actually doing what it should do. Below is the log, could any of your expert tells whether etherminer is doing right?

./ethminer-install/bin/ethminer -U -P

ethminer 0.19.0-17+commit.ce52c740.dirty
Build: linux/release/gnu

i 11:56:34 ethminer Configured pool
i 11:56:34 ethminer Selected pool
i 11:56:34 ethminer Established connection to
i 11:56:34 ethminer Spinning up miners...
cu 11:56:34 cuda-0 Using Pci Id : 02:00.0 NVIDIA TITAN RTX (Compute 7.5) Memory : 22.94 GB
i 11:56:34 ethminer Epoch : 442 Difficulty : 8875.74
i 11:56:34 ethminer Job: 07f8fda7…
cu 11:56:37 cuda-0 Generating DAG + Light(on GPU) : 4.52 GB
i 11:56:37 ethminer Job: 094267d2…
m 11:56:39 ethminer 0:00 A0 0.00 h - cu0 0.00
i 11:56:39 ethminer Job: 8e976732…
i 11:56:40 ethminer Epoch : 442 Difficulty : 8871.42
i 11:56:40 ethminer Job: 5a544797…
i 11:56:43 ethminer Job: ed66c34c…
m 11:56:44 ethminer 0:00 A0 0.00 h - cu0 0.00
i 11:56:46 ethminer Epoch : 442 Difficulty : 8875.76
i 11:56:46 ethminer Job: 7d69b720…
i 11:56:46 ethminer Job: 126396f2…
i 11:56:47 ethminer Epoch : 442 Difficulty : 8880.10
i 11:56:47 ethminer Job: 2d8e319c…
m 11:56:49 ethminer 0:00 A0 0.00 h - cu0 0.00
i 11:56:50 ethminer Job: 7c990559…
cu 11:56:51 cuda-0 Generated DAG + Light in 14,146 ms. 18.42 GB left.
i 11:56:53 ethminer Job: 36592726…
m 11:56:54 ethminer 0:00 A0 124.50 Kh - cu0 124.50
i 11:56:56 ethminer Job: a8ca4ba1…
m 11:56:59 ethminer 0:00 A0 54.74 Mh - cu0 54.74
i 11:56:59 ethminer Job: ac00d6c5…
i 11:57:02 ethminer Epoch : 442 Difficulty : 8880.11
i 11:57:02 ethminer Job: e517ecf7…
m 11:57:04 ethminer 0:00 A0 54.78 Mh - cu0 54.78
i 11:57:05 ethminer Job: 726364c0…
i 11:57:08 ethminer Job: 5f08180a…
m 11:57:09 ethminer 0:00 A0 48.96 Mh - cu0 48.96
i 11:57:11 ethminer Job: 8577ff3c…
i 11:57:12 ethminer Epoch : 442 Difficulty : 8880.12
i 11:57:12 ethminer Job: 70c5ac46…
i 11:57:12 ethminer Job: 7bf7e71d…

sorry for the long spam msg
My GPU is heating up and fan is spinning faster
hi. Using functions exposed in keccak.cuh (https://github.com/ethereum-mining/ethminer/blob/ce52c74021b6fbaaddea3c3c52f64f24e39ea3e9/libethash-cuda/keccak.cuh), how could we do something similar to the below snippet?
["uint96", "uint72", "uint88"],
[a, b, c]
we are trying to adapt ethminer to mine an nft that we made. you can check out the contract at https://etherscan.io/address/0x595a8974c1473717c4b5d456350cd594d9bda687

Hello! I made my way here via an article on Tomshardware that discussed ethminer was a good starting point to learn about mining while using an Apple M1 chip link

I saw executables mentioned for MacOS but didn't missed anything M1 related. Is there one or should I build it from source (and are the source build instructions for M1 also?) Thanks!

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When coinbase went public on NASDAQ, it meant that cryptocurrencies were about to officially emerge globally, and with the US as the creator, there was nothing more reassuring than that.
Good afternoon, diggers!
Is this a fucking dead crowd, no one is talking
Phuong Nguyen
this is a dead channel
ded ded?
Thomas Bodlien
I hope you will be dead soon.
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Ethminer ain't installing using the AUR - ethereum-mining/ethminer#2378
Zahid Shaikh
Greetings Everyone
yo zsyboy👋
Zahid Shaikh
Zahid Shaikh