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where to get
Andrea Lanfranchi
@DuraiIoT ethminer for MacOS is not supported since 3 years now.
2 replies
Adam Wolnikowski
Is there a good system diagram of ethminer anywhere?
I'm trying to explain where different parts of the mining process occur in hardware and looking for a diagram that would help illustrate that
btw, I'm wondering. If anyone is still maintaining the project/code? (by looking at the pretty graphs on github, it seems a bit bleak 🙃)
commitment issues
3 replies
Ibrahim Yesilay
Guys Is it possible to change the algorithm how it searches for the new hash?
2 replies
everyone getting the hunter.sh failed download during compilation?
error: downloading 'https://dl.bintray.com/boostorg/release/1.66.0/source/boost_1_66_0.7z' failed
Gray Programmerz

Hi, I'm new to mining
Can anyone tell me general steps to get started with crypto mining ?
Also what's the normal earning, suppose if my pc is win7_x86 ram:4 gb ?

Also I heard too much about pools.
Which pool is best for btc mining ?


Hello , How I can mine with xilinx avleo U250 cards ? I am unable to setup it.
Any help will be appreciated telegram @lisbon39
@2018Kanokwan I am new use
Sean Riese
how about the verakari?
hi all, glad if you can help me on these Qs. 1) where can i find ethminer installation guide for ubuntu server with a100 gpu? 2) how to change the GPU speed so that i can slow down the hashrate during summer and speed up during winter? 3) is there any remote apps (i.e hiveos) that we can use and control ethminer installed on ubuntu server?
anybody here
hihi homie
Степан Разин
У меня есть Fpga
Xilinx Alveo™ U250
Может кто то помочь с настройкой за $?
I have an Fpga
Xilinx Alveo™ U250
Can someone help with the setup for $?
Hi, Can you help me with Unexpected error CUDA error in func set_constants at line 125 invalid device symbol on CUDA device 82:00.0 ??
Paweł Bylica
Didn't we have ethminer-dev channel somewhere?
Paweł Bylica
@AndreaLanfranchi @jean-m-cyr @smurfy I want to clean-up GitHub ownership of ethminer. My idea is to add more owners to ethereum-mining org and then you can add more people with write access.
Andrea Lanfranchi
@chfast thank you. Will surely add someone else ... mind if I invite also Stefan Oberhumer ?
Paweł Bylica
@AndreaLanfranchi sure.
Paweł Bylica
@AndreaLanfranchi I invided Stefan as an owner and two remaining contributors as members.
Stefan Oberhumer
@AndreaLanfranchi , @chfast : THX - I'm in
Paweł Bylica
@StefanOberhumer to explain it a bit: I made existing contributors the owners of ethereum-mining organization on GitHub. You can individually or collectively decide if add new member with write access. I don't want this process to be blocked on me pressing the button.
Stefan Oberhumer
@chfast : Yes it was a suggestion when I talked about that with @AndreaLanfranchi on a call
I think a lot guys spent a lot of time in ethminer and I don't want to get the repo is getting rotted.
Also currently nobody is caring about ethminer (myself included) and I thought if we'll find some new enthusiastic people the project can be maintained and will not kicked in the trash!
If I know someone taking care about ethminer I'll inform you
How to generate script for Azure command line of monero XMR
Hello, we are Anexminer, the research and development company of Ethereum asic chips, and would like to see if we can have a cooperation with you to build an exclusive Miner tool for us
Sir Jules Cesar ENGONO ™
What Am i gaining by participating in this group ?
I'm having trouble with ethminer not recognizing my AMD GPU. I read a couple issues about it but everyone said to just install the official AMD drivers, but I cannot do that because I am using nvidia drivers for my main card. anybody know how to set up both drivers or fix this issue?
ok well I tested the card alone, and it has less than 5GB vram so it has basically no hashrate
oh well
Arlo The Apple
how do i start im really confused
1 reply
hi guys i have my aws panel and try to run the ethereum-mining but im really confused how to setup and install on ubuntu linux i try it 4 time and i search for tutorials but couldnt find on youtube please need support
i follow the readme and follow all instruction but still somethig not understood and this specialy ✗ No build artifacts, Amazon S3 is needed for this
no one to hel here
yeah it be like that. Are you having a problem installing Ubuntu or with building ethminer?
Hello, I got a issue when running the script in Macbook Pro.
sudo: unable to execute ./ethminer-m1: Bad CPU type in executable
Do you guys know what is it and how to fix it?
Marius van der Wijden
Hey guys. I'm sitting here at the EF office for the merge and I was getting really sad. You guys are what got me into ethereum at the first place and it was great being part of this community. I hope you're all doing fine and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
dewi sukma
I have 1330 GoerliETH
Send me a DM on Telegram: https://bit.ly/3fZB6BD