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I'm just starting with mining ethereum. I have nsfminer and I can clock about 95 Mh/s. Is it possible to stop and restart the nsfminer if I want to play a game?
Who runs the best pool? Where should I get a wallet? Sorry for the stupid newbie questions.
Anton Bogatyy
On my RTX 3090 I get 112 MH/s with nsfminer built from source and PhoenixMiner leads to around 110 MH/s
That was a bit unexpected for me that open sourced software even before accounting for fees provides better performance(or at least the same accounting for variance).
It feels now that 'Effective Ethereum mining speed is higher by 3-5%' is purely marking BS for proprietary software(or at least not applicable to Nvidia GPUs)
I'm curious is there any publicly available A/B testing data for various ethhash miners?
1 reply
Jean Cyr
@minerjed The unexpected 'unknown' under Windows has been replace with 'miner' in 1.3.9
Daniel Dumitran

Hi. I found what I think is a bug and I have a fix for it. How can I submit it?

The problem is in TelemetryType::str() which crashes if strvec() returns a list with fewer than 2 elements.

Jean Cyr
@ddumitran Thnx. Merged.
Hello ETH miners you should check rvn value vs difficulty here http://www.charts.ravencoin.timeline.ovh/
I was trying to get my 1050ti to mine since it's sitting doing nothing, but etherminer says it needs at leas 4.2 GB for epoch 403
How can I choose another mining method?
Hey Guys, I am totally new here, I am using one gtx 1080 in ethermine.org pool to mine
the hashrate is only 700kH/s
: (
is this normal
or what should i do to increase it?
thx very much!!
oh I am using the ethminer
Please I'm new here
How will I start mining etheruem
you should follow the guide here
download the release build based on your OS
using the command in the example
Danilo Araújo Silva

Hi everyone,

Can someone kindly point me where the ethash algorithm is implemented inside ethminer?

Luis Felipe de Melo Nunes
hi Guysm
What is the expected hashrate for a RTX3090?
I'm getting around 6x MH/s and expected 100+
using ethermine pool
Tac Tac
Hey so i got a stupid question. if i try to launch ethminer.exe for the first time, it does nothing. had to struggle to even get AV to not instantly delete it
1 reply
Caleb Schmidt
@TacFriedChicken_twitter I' having the same issue. Any help appreciated.
This message was deleted
1 reply
Pavel Snagovsky
Hey everyone, trying ethminer 0.18 on Ubuntu with AMD Radeon RX Vega 56/64. Installed PPA drivers, but still getting
ethminer -G --list-devices

ethminer 0.18.0
Build: linux/release/gnu

Error: No usable mining devices found
6 replies
How to get the card recognized by ethminer?
@paha - What hashrate are you getting with your Vega? And is it using the ethash binary kernel or the OpenCL kernel?
Mine fails when loaing the ethash binary kernel, and says "Falling back to OpenCL kernel". I installed rocr a while back and expected this to fix it
2 replies
@paha: tagging (does this work?)
Hi all.
Aamr Akharraz
hello everyone , i'm new here and i want to know if it's profitable to mine ETH with FPGA ?
@jean-m-cyr dm, please.
I want to add dev fee on ethminer.
who knows forked ethminer with dev fee?
Is ethminer still under active development? I have found that other forks have more recent releases. I would like to find a thing like a reference-client that follows the protocols very precisely.
Paweł Bylica
Does anyone want a new ethminer "release"?
Neeraj Bhasin
hello, how can i create a mining pool software?
Ahmet Ipkin
Hi guys;
I'm using nsfminer (which is a fork of ethminer) and occasionally I get Exception code: 0xc0000409 which means STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN as I googled it. Is it a known issue ?
Hi guys, can anyone help with windows automation ? My ethminer exe stops working after several hours and sometimes just exits. I want to restart if that happens but since im windows noob i don't know how to achieve this, can anyone help?
Asriel_Dremur Robert
Hi everybody, I just downloaded nsfminer, but I don't know how to start it. Can someone tell me how to start nsfminer?, it's ubuntu 20.04, sorry for the stupid question, but I'm something new in ubuntu, I downloaded it just for the miner.
Pavel thanks for the update. I might try that as well. That's more along what I was expecting from my Vega
I want to add dev fee on ethminer.
who knows forked ethminer with dev fee?