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Basically it stays ~100 blocks behind, without syncing states, for a few hours

Hi guys,

Any idea on how I can brute force an Ethereum ICO wallet with a similar but wrong password or how i can convert it from an ICO wallet format to v3 json format so that I can use Hashcat on it?

Danno Ferrin
Wrong room. This is for client development issues such as hard fork planning.
Sorry about that and I understand what is happening here. Just that at this point, I am looking for any kind of help. I thought the core devs themselves can just point me to somewhere I can find meaning.
Etienereum (Etienne):

This message is replying to a Matrix event but we were unable to find associated bridged Gitter message to put it in the appropriate threaded conversation.

Can u check pm please?

Trying to reach out to you regarding an event we are looking to organize

We are looking for an experienced developer to join our team.

We are building a cross chain (Eth, bsc, polkadot) platform allowing users to invest in baskets of tokens and also create their own token baskets and charge fees for others to invest in their fund.

Knowledge Requirements:
Eth solidity Smart contracts(staking, farming, governance etc)
Dapps( swap, exchange, advanced platforms)
Front end UI construction

Knowledge of cross chain polka, bsc protocols is a plus. DM me or send a message on telegram (@crypt10crypt)for more info!!

Is someone try to use bsnbase.io ?
Edson Ayllon
Maybe we should restrict messages here, with a link to the discord, as ACD chat moved to Discord.
Pooja Ranjan
ACD Gitter chat room is now moved to Eth R&D Discord. Invite link below
It's nice to meet you. http://v.ht/8CjR0
Hello, I love sех you will end with me for you URL http://v.ht/s0BZl
Jordi Walter Hoock Castro
Hello guys
one question
how can I use web3 for an android app
or any alternatives?
I would need something like metamask but for an android app
1 reply
Hi everyone, apologies if this is not the right forum or way to ask - but looking for a freelance Blockchain Developer (Substrate), email me at anthony@gohealthhero.com if you know anyone, thank you
Changes on EIP-3416, we now focus on Median Gas Premium and additive Base Fee: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/blob/master/EIPS/eip-3416.md
Bosco Jefferson
I'm Bosco by name. I'm a business/trade analyst with data engineering. You're welcome to tradevolumefx Capital! We are a leading trading platform with the records of highest profits and profit conversion. We offer the best trading platform and plans. Free alerts on options, stocks, crypto, forex, and even sports betting tips: We have Over 20 professional analysts that offer Free education to become a profitable trader. Don't miss out! Contact me on WhatsApp via:+1347-954-3921
Yannick Monye
Hi, is there a separate chat for the OpenEthereum debugging?
Pooja Ranjan

Hi, is there a separate chat for the OpenEthereum debugging?

Please join the Eth R&D Discord #allcoredevs

Also, some discussion is going on Open Ethereum Discord #support
Yannick Monye
Thanks Pooja
Yonatan Badash

Hi I have a smart contract for a token that I would like to change I did some research and it seems I can use smoothing like proxy contract and deploy a new one so I get a couple of questions for you to see if it is haven possible for me

1.ok so my coin did a big ico in 2018
I get approved by all the relevant bodies
will it affect that?

  1. do I need access to my old contract?

  2. I have about 1.9 b and the total supply is 2.6b I have access to the owner's address so can I do that ?? ​

ok and here are the futures I want to add to the new smart contract

I have a platform that is a landing platform in third world countries Africa India etc.. it works like that they deposit money into my platform then when they want to land money they have to put a % of the amount they want to land as a Guarantee it changes from 2 to 10 percent from the total amount they land my goal is to create a smart contract that makes my token the gas money of my platform so each time they want to land 10 USD they have to buy 1 USD worth of my coin to use as Guarantee each time a new customer joins and wants to land money from me they buy my coin then my API send an alert to my smart contract the smart contract creates a wallet (i did some research there is APIs that allow you to create such thing) and charges it with the acovlnte USD value of my token at that time after that it will send my API back the addres and it will save it on aws as my coustoumer acount wallte he can see in my plafrom how mach of my token he owns he will be able to wetroiw it but i will need to confriom it maunaluy

I also want to add some Dafi stuff like commission Profit sharing
from the profit on the commission I want to make it like if someone holds 100 tokens he will get 10% of the commission and if he holds 500 he will get 30% from the commission and if he holds 1000 tokens he will get 40% from the commission it will be represented in the token value and that's it for that 3 tires I want to have liquidity providers, and more Dafi stuff if you have any suggestions I would like to hear them

could you do such a thing? if you could how much would you like to get paid? what is the time range you could to it in?

I would like to do it right but in a good time frame also what expenses we could expect?

for more details plz connect me
if there is something you think should be done in another way then I said here plz let me know I will appreciate it

here is my discord contact me xxyonatanxx#2980 we can change the way things are done if you have a better idea or like any questions and for links to the token platform just me a msg
i would really like that

Sam Lavery
hi all
i'm new to solidity development and exploring integration with provable API for REST calls thru oracle
i'm trying to deploy the sample provable API code provided in their github but facing gas estimation errors, both on ropsten as well as rinkeby
Gas estimation errored with the following message (see below). The transaction execution will likely fail. Do you want to force sending?
execution reverted
any pointers/help on how this issue could be resolve would be greatly appreciated, because I'm not sure if i'm doing something incorrectly
“…if Bob has 50 coins on shard B, and Alice sends 20 coins to Bob from shard A, but shard B does not yet know the state of shard A and so cannot fully authenticate the transfer, Bob’s account state temporarily becomes ‘70 coins if the transfer from Alice is genuine, else 50 coins.’ Clients that have the ability to authenticate shard A and shard B can be sure of the “finality” of the transfer (ie. the fact that Bob’s account state will eventually resolve to 70 coins once the transfer can be verified inside the chain) almost immediately, and so their wallets can simply act like Bob already has the 70 coins.”
VB: "Clients that have the ability to authenticate shard A and shard B can be sure of the “finality” of the transfer almost immediately", How?
Bitcoiner Dz
i have some questions that i dont know where to ask
i will be happy if someone help me
Li Dongwei
There is no EIPs talking about executing transactions in parallel by using evm in one block,
can some guys tell me why?
I'm working on improving the performance fo executing transactions


My job is to get all the method name from the token contract transactions from the beginning and to display the new transactions in realtime.

1) Get all events

For the moment I can display the "Transfer" events in realtime with:

```const targetContract = new ethers.Contract(
        "event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint amount)",
targetContract.on("Transfer", (from, to, amount, event) => {

Otherwise when I try to recover the logs with INFURA:
INFURA.getLogs("0x30062EaBec018aC86430134E2c4Ff27e963Eda13").then((data) => { console.log(data); });

I don't understand what it shows me... It shows me a lot of information while there are not many events...

So for now I need to get all the events in realtime (and not just "Transfer") and to be able to get all the old ones. Like "Add Liquidity", "Max Tx" and other custom events

2) Get method name

I'm trying to decode method name from a TX.data but as I can see, with ethers.js or Infura it's not possible (or I missed something)

    [ "address user", "address rootToken", "bytes depositData"  ],     
    ethers.utils.hexDataSlice(data, 4) ));

I tried this but I need to provide the corrects arguments...

So well... if I can't decode without arguments my other choice it's to know if it's possible to just get the method name.

Then I searched a transaction in a shitty coin and I found this:

But when I'm using etherscan.io/api I don't have anything about the data (and not the method name)

In summary: I would just like to get the name of the methods and to be able to make a display like etherscan.io, like this:

Thank you!

Elichai Turkel
Hi, I'm using eth_subscribe with newPendingTransactions, and it works great,
but when I try to take that transaction hash and send it to eth_getTransactionByHash The node doesn't know that transaction
what am I missing?
William Entriken
Hello, I need 10,000 Ropsten ETH for testing and faucet. Willing to pay 0.1 Mainnet ETH. Please send to me at 0xd859d7d8603D2dAb768D679eEEC25930C8FC59C1
William Entriken
@SanJue Regarding executing transcations in parallel, please see EIP-2929 and others related to warm storage access. We can use specified storage slots to identify transactions that can run in parallel.