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Marius van der Wijden
We're already looking into it, thanks!
Yannick Monye
Hudson Jameson

@/all Reminder! Please migrate from this channel to the Eth R&D Discord server where we have a #allcoredevs channels.

How to join: Use this invite link - https://discord.gg/qGpsxSA and when you enter the server DM me or tag me in the #allcoredevs channel if you want any flair/designations added (each team has their own labels). Remember to enable app based 2FA on your account and backup your recovery codes!

The agenda for Friday's meeting is up: ethereum/pm#203

Hudson Jameson
2.5 hours until today's ACD meeting.
Hudson Jameson
rusel79 Hallo.
Thomas S. McCabe
Has anyone come across this error when trying to connect to their local geth node via rpc?
Oct 28 02:14:02.198 INFO Connecting to Ethereum..., capabilities: archive, trace, network: mainnet Oct 28 02:14:02.208 DEBG Trying again after net_version RPC call failed (attempt #1) with result Err(Rpc(Error { code: MethodNotFound, message: "the method net_version does not exist/is not available", data: None }))
Marius van der Wijden
You maybe need to activate the rpc api's with something like this --http --http.port 8546 --http.api "eth,net,debug,web3" console
Thomas S. McCabe
@MariusVanDerWijden You're right, that was the fix. Someone else got back to me first but thank you!
I'm getting another error now from my local geth node when trying to sync my graph node: DEBG Trying again after eth_call RPC call failed (attempt #1) with result Err(Web3Error(Rpc(Error { code: ServerError(-32000), message: "missing trie node e744cec479311748e40bc8fc68cba3e947ff68dd3be3f51f0404aba79736fc61 (path )", data: None }))), runtime_host: 1/1, block_hash: 0x0ba6f1d7a8daa481acf8c0422f6344bd9e2e871c545615382db784d6110c90a0, block_number: 11140596, subgraph_id: QmQgW6BuCxuUvWmv8Uwe6LExEukudrDDMRhNMuCiUdhFeH, component: SubgraphInstanceManager
Thomas S. McCabe
Before the above mentioned error is output, the cargo run command used to sync the graph node outputs INFO Syncing 50 blocks from Ethereum., code: BlockIngestionLagging, blocks_needed: 50, blocks_behind: 85, latest_block_head: 11148790, current_block_head: 11148705, network_name: mainnet, component: BlockIngestor so this leads me to believe I'm connected. Also worth noting, I'm seeing on github/stackoverflow that using geth --syncmode full rather than fastpotentially fixes the issue. I'm hoping that's not the solution. If anyone has any insight please let me know
Hey guys! It is Emma here from DIGITALAX. We are a new project, just announced our launch a few days ago. We are a digital fashion NFT tool stack on Ethereum. We are addressing core problems around NFT liquidity and stability and introducing digital-only materials & the bridging between real-world precious commodities (gold, silver, diamonds), single edition NFT auctions, decentralised supply chain management & automation, Open Digital Licenses, NFT Composition management (Parent & Child NFT), NFT + crypto asset wrapper, NFT staking, and NFT Collateralization Contracts (Vir).
You can read more here: https://digitalax.gitbook.io/digitalax/
We are currently working with over 30 digital fashion designers globally, and going live with our first auctions mid November.
We are looking to expand our team and bring on board full time Solidity and full stack developers to join us. If you are interested please see full details here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QzZIXSTlfe7Tk0DEHhHjsbWyofuOxpOj/view?usp=sharing
hello guys does anyone know how to calculate execution price to put amountOut correctly?
or is there a way to implement a slippage without the uniswap interface functions?
Isheke Peter
Hey guys! I'm looking to hire blockchain developers and a software programmer anyone interested can hit me up. I'm creating a crypto utility marketplace and a smart contract for operation. A market for the stock and cryptocurrency or project development
What is the ethstats password (this is a secret that you can obtain from Core Devs)?
can someone help me obtain this password?
Danno Ferrin
Gitter is a core devs ghost town now. They have mostly moved to the Eth2 R&D discord - https://discord.gg/HjPdJgx7 (link expires in 1 day)
Deepanshu Tyagi
is rinkeby network down i havent seen no new blocks since 3 hrs
yo guys, whats wrong with the gas. we gotta fix this asap.
ppl cant do their economic activity because its to expensive. its ridiculous. internet of money shouldnt cost this much
make the blocks bigger, and make them come faster. atleast for now while working on layer 2 and eth2 and shards
^ what this guy said

legogris > <@gitter_kelozar_twitter:matrix.org> make the blocks bigger, and make them come faster. atleast for now while working on layer 2 and eth2 and shards

well, there's the other side of that coin too, which is the hardware requirements for running a full ethereum node (not talking about mining, just verifying transactions).
Running a couple of nodes myself, I can sympathize a bit more with the BTC stance - if you start looking at not having to rely on Etherscan, Infura and other centralized services, it's expensive to run an Ethereum node today, regardless of which client you use.
We will have to rely on L2 until sharding becomes a reality for smart contracts (but don't hold your breath for that obv)

legogris I also think gas prices are ridiculous, but given the state of the biggest smart contracts today I actually think there's value in hampering main-stream adoption until the ecosystem is ready for it... mainstreet going degen would be bad news i think :P
legogris it will have to take time
Quick question, is syncmode=snap supposed to sync states? Because my current eth.syncing output is {"currentBlock":11612536,"highestBlock":11612660,"knownStates":0,"pulledStates":0,"startingBlock":0}
Basically it stays ~100 blocks behind, without syncing states, for a few hours

Hi guys,

Any idea on how I can brute force an Ethereum ICO wallet with a similar but wrong password or how i can convert it from an ICO wallet format to v3 json format so that I can use Hashcat on it?

Danno Ferrin
Wrong room. This is for client development issues such as hard fork planning.
Sorry about that and I understand what is happening here. Just that at this point, I am looking for any kind of help. I thought the core devs themselves can just point me to somewhere I can find meaning.
Etienereum (Etienne):

This message is replying to a Matrix event but we were unable to find associated bridged Gitter message to put it in the appropriate threaded conversation.

Can u check pm please?

Trying to reach out to you regarding an event we are looking to organize

We are looking for an experienced developer to join our team.

We are building a cross chain (Eth, bsc, polkadot) platform allowing users to invest in baskets of tokens and also create their own token baskets and charge fees for others to invest in their fund.

Knowledge Requirements:
Eth solidity Smart contracts(staking, farming, governance etc)
Dapps( swap, exchange, advanced platforms)
Front end UI construction

Knowledge of cross chain polka, bsc protocols is a plus. DM me or send a message on telegram (@crypt10crypt)for more info!!

Is someone try to use bsnbase.io ?
Edson Ayllon
Maybe we should restrict messages here, with a link to the discord, as ACD chat moved to Discord.
Pooja Ranjan
ACD Gitter chat room is now moved to Eth R&D Discord. Invite link below
It's nice to meet you. http://v.ht/8CjR0
Hello, I love sех you will end with me for you URL http://v.ht/s0BZl
Jordi Walter Hoock Castro
Hello guys
one question
how can I use web3 for an android app
or any alternatives?
I would need something like metamask but for an android app
1 reply
Hi everyone, apologies if this is not the right forum or way to ask - but looking for a freelance Blockchain Developer (Substrate), email me at anthony@gohealthhero.com if you know anyone, thank you
Changes on EIP-3416, we now focus on Median Gas Premium and additive Base Fee: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/blob/master/EIPS/eip-3416.md
Bosco Jefferson
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