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Sam Lavery
hi all
i'm new to solidity development and exploring integration with provable API for REST calls thru oracle
i'm trying to deploy the sample provable API code provided in their github but facing gas estimation errors, both on ropsten as well as rinkeby
Gas estimation errored with the following message (see below). The transaction execution will likely fail. Do you want to force sending?
execution reverted
any pointers/help on how this issue could be resolve would be greatly appreciated, because I'm not sure if i'm doing something incorrectly
“…if Bob has 50 coins on shard B, and Alice sends 20 coins to Bob from shard A, but shard B does not yet know the state of shard A and so cannot fully authenticate the transfer, Bob’s account state temporarily becomes ‘70 coins if the transfer from Alice is genuine, else 50 coins.’ Clients that have the ability to authenticate shard A and shard B can be sure of the “finality” of the transfer (ie. the fact that Bob’s account state will eventually resolve to 70 coins once the transfer can be verified inside the chain) almost immediately, and so their wallets can simply act like Bob already has the 70 coins.”
VB: "Clients that have the ability to authenticate shard A and shard B can be sure of the “finality” of the transfer almost immediately", How?
Bitcoiner Dz
i have some questions that i dont know where to ask
i will be happy if someone help me
Li Dongwei
There is no EIPs talking about executing transactions in parallel by using evm in one block,
can some guys tell me why?
I'm working on improving the performance fo executing transactions


My job is to get all the method name from the token contract transactions from the beginning and to display the new transactions in realtime.

1) Get all events

For the moment I can display the "Transfer" events in realtime with:

```const targetContract = new ethers.Contract(
        "event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint amount)",
targetContract.on("Transfer", (from, to, amount, event) => {

Otherwise when I try to recover the logs with INFURA:
INFURA.getLogs("0x30062EaBec018aC86430134E2c4Ff27e963Eda13").then((data) => { console.log(data); });

I don't understand what it shows me... It shows me a lot of information while there are not many events...

So for now I need to get all the events in realtime (and not just "Transfer") and to be able to get all the old ones. Like "Add Liquidity", "Max Tx" and other custom events

2) Get method name

I'm trying to decode method name from a TX.data but as I can see, with ethers.js or Infura it's not possible (or I missed something)

    [ "address user", "address rootToken", "bytes depositData"  ],     
    ethers.utils.hexDataSlice(data, 4) ));

I tried this but I need to provide the corrects arguments...

So well... if I can't decode without arguments my other choice it's to know if it's possible to just get the method name.

Then I searched a transaction in a shitty coin and I found this:

But when I'm using etherscan.io/api I don't have anything about the data (and not the method name)

In summary: I would just like to get the name of the methods and to be able to make a display like etherscan.io, like this:

Thank you!

Elichai Turkel
Hi, I'm using eth_subscribe with newPendingTransactions, and it works great,
but when I try to take that transaction hash and send it to eth_getTransactionByHash The node doesn't know that transaction
what am I missing?
William Entriken
Hello, I need 10,000 Ropsten ETH for testing and faucet. Willing to pay 0.1 Mainnet ETH. Please send to me at 0xd859d7d8603D2dAb768D679eEEC25930C8FC59C1
William Entriken
@SanJue Regarding executing transcations in parallel, please see EIP-2929 and others related to warm storage access. We can use specified storage slots to identify transactions that can run in parallel.
Hello everyone, I wished I had Ethereum but I could not do anything and here I congratulate all of you and I wish you success
You should have
Melissa Gilbert
Who needs Ethereum here?
Konstantinos Giannakakis
hey! I got a question regarding txns confirmations. I am using getTransactionReceipt to read the status of a transaction if it has failed or not. There are txns where although they have a transaction status of 0x0 I can see that they have been included in a block (a blockNumber exists in the response). Does this mean that the transaction has been confirmed? This is regarding simple txns. Now, txns that are sent to a contract, how can I check if the transaction has been confirmed on the chain but the contract execution failed? I am using geth as my node. Any help would be appreciated
lakshmi p
Hi I couldn't able to unwrap WETH to ETH in Uniswap
Always its showing Insufficient ETH error even more than 10% slippage and double the gas fee.can anyone please suggest how to unwrap it
I tried with 20 % slippage also and with double gas fee
Vaida Bogdan
I'm trying to find out the symbol of the token that pays the fees for the network I'm currently in with python+web3. (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69765460/how-do-you-get-the-network-symbol-in-pythonweb3)
Basically on ERC20 it should say "ETH" on BSC it should be "BNB".
For tokens I can get it from their contract using: tokenContract.functions.symbol().call()
But how do I find out which is the contract the network uses for fees?
Hi, Reddit announced they will be handling karma points as Erc20 tokens. I was wondering how this can be done with the high transaction fees? Wouldn't the fees exceed the value of the points? Are they using a 2nd layer solution?
Nikolay Nedkov
Hello guys I hope you are doing well! I got strange issue when trying to run unit tests with Truffle: "tests not running in fresh deploy/install. Clean-room environment feature not working." opened github issue with the full info in: trufflesuite/truffle#4427 Please help because the truffle team isn't responding in the github issue or in gitter.
Hello! The rinkeby faucet seems to be down. Would anyone be able to send me a few eth to deploy something to test net? 0xC33f2E51678FBdA19c441fc0aB3341d0FC07fb4A
Abhishek Kumar
Anyone interested to do code audit with me
Nate River
@akure ??
@akure which repository?
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Stella Jones
Hello mates .. let me know if you got any issues or inquiries

Hello, my name is Konstantin, I am the Product marketing manager at WatchData.io
WatchData - API service for WEB 3.0.

We help crypto platforms, developers, wallets, portfolio trackers and various analytics services solve the problem of interacting with the blockchain, receiving and processing data. Own blockchain nodes allow us to provide up-to-date information. We support Ethereum Mainnet/Testnet (ETH), Tron (TRX), Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Our infrastructure is capable of:

  • Lightning-fast processing of forks and providing 100% correct data;
  • Raw Data - all data from blockchain nodes.
  • Structured data - processed and more detailed information on transfers, address balances, swaps, transfers from smart contracts, any typical data needed for your business
  • Notification system sending transaction notifications
  • NFT and DEX API - coming soon

Benefit for your business:

  • Saves a lot of development costs. You won't need to build a complex infrastructure and incur maintenance costs.
  • High speed of adding new EVM blockchains. We'll add the necessary blockchain is up to 1 week. All you have to do is to access our API.

Benefit for your team:

  • The team can concentrate on their own tasks, we will provide a packaged solution with simple integration.
  • The ability to make a custom API for you that solves your problems.
  • API call limits will allow you to test and deploy complex applications.
  • Discord and mail support are available.

https://www.watchdata.io/ - website
https://docs.watchdata.io/ - documentation

hello! Where i can get "ethstats password (this is a secret that you can obtain from Core Devs)"
Lisa Robinson

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Oleksandr Nikitin
Hi guys) Can you suggest an Ethereum wallet which supports EIP-2930 (optional access lists)?
1 reply
cheezel.eth | 🌊

Hey guys, I'm from a new ETH 2 liquid staking protocol called Swell Network and I'm reaching out to see if any kind souls can send us some GoETH to run testing on our dapp on goerli? 0x441eC70Ca587Dd0d180023F2C8e9471d03be4983

If not please let me know where I can source some?


This is Danny working as a full-stack and blockchain developer, I am looking for a new opportunity.
I have extensive experience with building CEX, DEX(OnChain, Multichain), NFT Marketplace, NFT Staking and Lending, OlympusDao and Drip community fork with the following skills.
Network: Ethereum, BSC, Tron, Polygon, Cardano, Celo, Matic, Solana, Kyber, Terra,
Smart contract Language: Solidity, Rust
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Here goes my website.



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Hello, can anyone help me find a freelance project?
Hello I'm a financial growth institute, also a trader in binary/Bitcoin, Eth mining and other crypto currencies, are you interested in Binary options investment??
👉 https://t.me/BLACK_STONE_FOREX

Hey All - I'm hoping there are some active folks here familiar with rlp encoding of 1559 transactions. I'm trying to write a wrapper in Elixir which sends London transactions. I'm encoding the following:
[chain_id, nonce, base_fee, gas_fee_cap, gas_limit, to, value, data, v, r, s] however it seems that the node keeps trying to return the transaction as a Legacy and so I feel like it is sending as Legacy since I'm receiving the following error:

2022-09-13 10:35:14.225 [error] Error: %{"code" => -32000, "message" => "rlp: input string too short for common.Address, decoding into (types.LegacyTx).To"}

Any input would be very helpful on this!

Stefan Kostic
hey, someone has experience with erc-1155 metadata? it appears that eth and polygon explorers (goerli etherscan, mumbai polygonscan) are not showing metadata such as name, decimals and so on for individual tokens