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Feb 2016
Dirk Jäckel
Feb 09 2016 09:34
I have a mining question: For the faster GPUs, do I need to build a complete PC to use them. Or is there a USB-GPU? Maybe with a separete power supply?
Right now I use a GPU that can do 4.5MH/s.
It did 6.5MH/s in August. Is that perfomance drop due to the fact that I now participate in a pool or did the mining algorithm change since August last year?
Feb 09 2016 12:45
the mining algorithm didnt change. pools sometimes report a different hashrate because they just guess the rate from your submitted shares.
separate power supply is no issue, what do you mean with usb? these usb-style pcie-connectors? that's an idea. but the cables shouldnt be too long.
Dirk Jäckel
Feb 09 2016 15:33
Thanks @5chdn !
There are adapters to connect PCIe Graphics card via USB?
I’d like to use one of these graphics cards to mine: